Stationary Haul!

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So if you’ve read my post about fandom merch (here), you’ll notice how I talk about my mom and I getting crazy with stationary on ebay. I’ve been in a I-need-a-washi-tape mood (cause they are not sold where I live… Unfortunately) to artfully decorate some copybooks and files for Uni (I don’t even know if I’ll use copybooks or files but anyway) so this has been my perfect excuse to look out for stationary stuff on ebay and made my mom accept to lend me her credit card for the transaction. (I don’t have a credit cardย and even if I get one I won’t be able to order stuff online on it… I checked *sigh*). So what I’m going to show you is only part of the outcome of 3 to 4 hours of intense shopping.

What I got (so far) this month!
What I got (so far) this month!

As you can see, there’s a lot there ๐Ÿ˜€ So let’s get started!


Okay so technically it is not a “real rainbow” but it’s soo pretty! (and it can be mistaken as one ;D) My mom and I bought two sets of these beauties so that we can each have one. The only complain I had to make of it is that the tapes seemed to be larger in the advertised pictures, but otherwise they are so pretty I can’t breathe!

Where it all started... Thank you washi tape!
Where it all started… Thank you washi tape!

They came in these little boxes already lined like a rainbow and now I don’t want to remove them because otherwise I won’t have any rainbows on my crammed desk.

*o* so prettyyyyyyy
*o* so prettyyyyyyy

The colours are of a pastel shade (here they seemed vibrant only because of the lighting and my filter) and I love everything which is pastel! *o*


“Seriously?” you would say, but yes, I’m a great fan of everything stickers and cute! Now I’m actually very picky about which stickers to buy and everything, and I only “select” the ones I find rare and cute (which is to say… a lot ^^”) but once a while I decide to finally buy some of the pins on my board (on pinterest… seriously, this website is so great!) to finally marvel over their cuteness.

stationary haul 5
They are so cute โค

I admit that, when they are in the package like that, it doesn’t look so great… But…

You can now admire their greatness! (sorry for the bad lighting though --')
You can now admire their greatness! (sorry for the bad lighting though –‘)

What I find really amazing about those is that you are not obliged to write on them with markers, you can do it right with your pens or even pencils! They are sort of paper stickers! (ugggghhh that doesn’t make much sense sorry –‘)


And yes you’ve read that right. Except those are not your typical fingers… Those are post-its! Now you’re surely wondering what kind of post-its they are… I found them while looking for cute cheap post-its and I was in a dilemma, wondering which was better between The Eiffel Tower and cats when I found them… Needless to tell you what happened next…

stationary haul 8 stationary haul 9

The package is so pretty and I love how they each have a different “facial” expression (or is it a fingerry expression? This is so confusing O.o) I feel like it would be much easier to tab my books now!


Now compared to the cuties I showed you these ones are rather plain but it’s okay ’cause I’ve bought them for Uni (planning my notes and etc…) I got them while we were shopping yesterday with my mom (and my sister and my grand ma and my uncle and my god daughter…) and I was actually pleased to see them because my dad bought them for me last year but I didn’t know where.

stationary haul 7
There are 50 sheets in each pad and they are very useful! I love them!


Now these are not diaries in the literal sense, that is, where I keep all of my secrets and etc… Those are more bought-because-you-re-pretty-but-i-dont-know-what-you-re-for (*sigh* I’m hopeless like that)

stationary haul 2
The cover is absolutely gorgeous! I got it while we were shopping mum & I (and everyone else :D). It’s hardcover, size A4 and has 288 pages!

So about this one I actually told my mom that I was going to keep it for Uni but then I was wondering whether or not I was going to use a file instead… But anyway the cover is to die for and I really want to buy more of them!

stationary haul 4 stationary haul 3

And then there’s this gorgeous vintage looking diary! It’s actually very small but once I saw it I couldn’t not buy it! (actually my mom bought it for me as a gift because I’ve passed my HSC (A level) examinations) I still don’t know whether I’ll use it to write reviews or something else but I’m happy to own it!

So here is what this haul is all about! If you’re interested in any of the products above, I’ve made a board in which you’ll be redirected into ebay! (link here) (this board is only for the products I bought on ebay. The memo pads and the sunset cover diary are not on it because I’ve bought them locally). I hope you enjoyed this blog post? Are you a great stationary fan? Do tell me in the comments below!

๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’– Mel


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