The Liebster Award


Another award! Yay! Thank you loads Pavi at For The Love of Fictional Worlds, rabbitearsblog and Michelle at The Writing Hufflepuff for nominating me! It’s such an honour 🙂

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog!
  2. Give your readers 11 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions from the blog who nominated you.
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers to receive this award.
  5. Come up with 11 questions for your nominees.

Random facts 😀

  • My favourite OTP is Percabeth
  • I love watching anime. My favourites are Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail and KILL la KILL
  • I listen to a lot of soundtrack music. One of my favourite composers is Yasuharu Takanashi, who wrote music for both Naruto Shippuden and Fairy Tail
  • I love Babymetal, even though I don’t know the meaning of any of their lyrics
  • I don’t play a lot of games, but I love Pearl’s Peril and Farm Heroes Saga (both on facebook)
  • As a child I read more French books than English books, whereas today it’s the opposite
  • I have a lot of favourite songs. My current one is “Venari Strigas” by Kajiura Yuki, from the anime Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
  • I don’t know what career I’m aspiring to, but I know it will be something in the publishing sector
  • One of my dreams is to go settle in America
  • I have more ebooks than physical books, as most of my read books are ebooks
  • I like to describe myself as “creative” 😀

So that was it with the random facts. Now, as Pavi was the last one to nominate me, I’ll answer her questions first:D

1. The book/author that you owe your reading obsession to?

I’ve always been a reader but my glutony for books developed when I was in Form 3 (I was 14). It was during that time that I got addicted to books in english, and I started reading L.J. Smith (The Vampire Diaries and Nightworld series), Rachel Caine (Morganville Vampires series) and Christopher Pike (The Last Vampire series). My tastes changed rapidly after that 😉

2. Your first fictional love

*dreamy sigh* I don’t remember who was first, but it is between Shane from “Morganville Vampires” – I totally shipped him with Claire! – and Ash Redfern from “Nightworld – Daughters of Darkness”

3. Your top 5 fictional role models and why?

Ouch, that’s a tough one! Well, let’s think about it….


  • June Iparis
  • Hermione Granger
  • Katniss Everdeen
  • Toph Beifong (it was in a graphic novel so yes I do count her :D)
  • Annabeth Chase

They are all kickass and smart heroines who refuse to give up and I love that so much! They are so inspirational, each in unique ways, and that’s why I chose them 😀

4. Which book/series has influenced you the most?

Well, it’s a hard one too, but I will say “The Soul Screamers series” by Rachel Vincent. It helped me to do the transition from middle-grade to young adult, one of my favourite genres! Besides, this series is freaking amazing! Nash and Tod 😍

5. Where do you find new books to read from?

Well when I still went to school I took books from the library, as well as books from “CCEF – Centre Culturel D’Expression Française” (a place where I took private french tuitions – there are only french books there though). Or I also look out for book recommendations by genre on goodreads and I then search for them online or in bookshops 🙂

6. One person (can be anyone) whose reading recommendations you would follow blindly?

The thing is, I don’t follow book recommendations from anyone blindly, but I do take them into consideration and add them to my TBR pile. I usually add books from my friends Riya (goodreads), Ayesha (goodreads), the booktubers Kat (youtube) and Christine (youtube) and my IG friends! 💜 and also people from the world of blogs 😉

7. Who is your go to listening partner for all things fictional?

MORGHANUM!!!! She’s a friend at school and besides sharing the same family name (even though we’re not related in any way), we are in a lot of fandoms together, particularly the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus one 💜 There’s also Riya, though she is more into Game of Thrones, but we share our love for Harry Potter ⭐

8. One fictional world you would give up everything to live in.

Hmmm, most of the worlds are super dangerous, so… This is hard, Pavi! If we take into consideration “fictional”, it may not be only worlds in books…. So I’ll say either Konohagaruke (Naruto Shippuden – I’ll be a ninja ✌) or Fiore (Fairy Tail – I’ll be a mage 🙌) 😜

9. The one book that has brought you out of a bad time.

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan 🙂 I started reading it when I was revising. I was becoming mad with all these chemistry notes 😮 so I picked up my phone, opened a random book, and two years later I’m now a hard Percabeth shipper 😄

10. Book/series that you wish would turn into a TV serial so as not to compromise on any detail.

THE PERCY JACKSON SERIES!!! As you may notice, this is my favourite book series 😜

11. One book that is your go to recommendation for any readers.

Old Magic by Marianne Curley. This is a wonderful story about love, magic and time travel! This is one of the first stories I read on my mobile back in 2010 and I read it about five times! I love this book so freaking much! But I still need to buy it though 😅

Now are the questions by rabbitearsblog 🙌

1. What was the first book series you have read?

The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith. I read the first five books and they were amazing! But I’m mad that the TV show doesn’t follow the book 😰

2. What movie adaptation of a book you did enjoy and what movie adaptation of a book did you hate?

I can start by saying that I hated the movie adaptation of the Percy Jackson books. Everything about it is all wrong.
Book adaptation that I loved? Hmmm, Harry Potter! As well as the Hunger Games and Divergent 😉

3. What underrated book would you recommend for anyone to read?

As I already recommended Old Magic, I’ll now recommend The Creepy Hollow series by Rachel Morgan! The books are about a kickass guardian, Violet Fairdale, who’s also a faerie! These books are so amazing, I really need to buy the paperbacks!

4. What are your pet peeves about books?

I hate it when the book spines are broken! I feel like the book looks used up and old, and I like when it looks new and shiny. I also hate it when the cover or the pages are torn. I’m weird this way. Also, there was a time when I lent my copy of Catching Fire to a friend. After two months, she gave it back to me, wet. My book was totally ruined, and I swore never to lend her anything after that.

5. Do you read comic books or children’s books?

Not always but I sometimes do. Actually, I read a lot of graphic novels 😄

6. Who is your favourite literary hero or heroine?

Maybe Percy Jackson, or Katniss Everdeen 🌹

7. What book character would you like to meet in real life?

LEO VALDEZ 🔥 I so freaking love him 😍

8. What’s the scariest book you had ever read?

I don’t remember the title, but the book was in french and I was 10, and it was about someone who just lived in a new apartment and met a ghost there… Hmm sorry, I don’t read a lot of scary books 😅

9. Do you have a page for other blogs you stalk?



10. Do you use Instagram to show pictures of your book collection?

Yes I do! Follow me here –>my instagram!

11. Are there any good books you would like to recommend to anyone?

The Percy Jackson series, the Heroes of Olympus series, the Kane Chronicles, the Creepy Hollow trilogy, the Hunger Games trilogy, Legend trilogy… I think I might write a post about these recommendations ;):)😁

Now that I’m done answering questions, here are mine 🙂

  1. Who is your favourite author?
  2. What, or who, inspired you to write a blog?
  3. Ebook, paperback(or hardcover) or both? And why?
  4. Your 5 best reads so far
  5. Do you watch booktube videos? If so, who is/are your favourite booktuber/s?
  6. What do you search for in a book? (that is, a good romance, action, suspense…)
  7. If you are given the opportunity to direct a book to movie adaptation, which book would you choose and why?
  8. Your favourite genre/s?
  9. What catches your eye when you buy a new book? (the synopsis, the cover, the title…)
  10. What should your perfect book contain and be about?
  11. Choose one fictional world you would love to be real

Phew! All done (I understand now why you haven’t ask any questions, Michelle! 😉 )

And my nominees are:

Icy from Nerd of Book

Candy from The Bookish Girl

Varsh from Wordsaremagicgalore

Rachel from Rach Reads Books

Sumaira from Hyperaboutbooks

Anne from Anne-thology of Books

Also, if I haven’t nominated you but you want to do the award, then consider yourself being nominated! Have fun!

💋💖 Mel


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