I’m Currently…

Hello there! *waves* I hope you are all fine today! Today I’m going to talk about

My reading progress. I thought this post would be nice as it’s to alternate between reviews and tags 😉

My current read
As I’ve read only one physical book up until now I decided to pick a book from my shelf, and it’s The Scorch Trials by James Dashner, the second book in the Maze Runner trilogy. So far it’s really good but I don’t know why it’s starting to bore me o.o Anyway I plan to reach the middle of the book by tonight, all the way hoping that it will get me out of my boredom!

I’m currently watching…
I watched Medaka Box earlier this month and it wasn’t as nice as I’d thought it’d be. (I nevertheless have a new favourite character who loves to eat!) So after reading two (or three?) books I decided that it was time to try to watch something else (which doesn’t have hundreds of episodes of course). So I’m now watching…. Attack On Titan. It only has 25 episodes so far (the second season will be out next year), I’m on episode 17, and god it’s really good! I also plan on reviewing it here as well 🙂
P.S: It did make me cry on the first episode though… Aww 😥 😅

What about you? What are currently reading? Do you like it? Tell me in the comments below!



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