May Is Coming!

This year I decided to do something during this nice month. This is an event?monthly meme? Anyway, I called it the “May Movies and Manga”. Simply explained, during this month I am going to watch as much movies and animes and I’m going to read as much manga as I can. Simple and easy.

The reason as to why I’m holding this challenge is that, I’ve realised I haven’t watched much movies while I’m on holidays, which, let’s admit it, annoys me greatly. True, I read a lot of books these past months and I’m very proud of myself, but all the movies which I’ve been saving on my hard drive are still waiting to be watched; and I can’t say that I’m too busy to watch them. That’s a big, fat, lie.

This is when May enters. Besides the fact that both ‘movies’ and ‘mangas’ start with the letter ‘m’, there are no real reasons as to why I chose this particular month. But I wanted to do it before University starts in September (even though I still don’t know whether I’m accepted or not *fingers crossed* ). And don’t worry guys, as soon as I’m done with my “challenge”, I’ll resume my reading 🙂

Also, as I’ll watch movies and animes and as I’ll read mangas all day long, that means that there will be more ‘anime review’, as well as ‘manga review’ and ‘movie review’. But I’ll also post some book reviews that I’ve written before the creation of my blog (meaning, my goodreads reviews will be up on Dat Little Blog too.)

Regarding the animes, I’ve recently watched two, “Medaka Box” and “Attack on Titan”, but I’ll wait until the beginning of May to post their reviews so as to be in the ‘May Manga’ mood.

I’m really excited to start this challenge and I really cannot wait for May to finally come!

What about you? Do you challenge yourself to do more things besides reading? Let me know!



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