Week 1 Wrap-Up! | Wrap-Ups and TBRs

Here’s a little reminder: this month I decided to be glued to my TV! (joking :p ) I planned to watch as much TV series, animes and movies as possible to lessen my “To-Watch” list. Right now I think I did pretty well as I managed to watch 3 animes and 1 movie, as well as 4 episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” (that I watch on TV as often as I can) and I’ve read 3 volumes of Fairy Tail. I successful watched all of the 175 episodes of “Fairy Tail” (not all in a day ^^’ … maybe 40? ) and I’ll write a review about it real soon! To make it short, it’s an anime which follows the adventures of Lucy, a celestial wizard, as she joins the guild called “Fairy Tail”. Each arc is amazing and I love how most of them are related to a character’s past! You can watch it for free on here! (oh, and there are talking cats *o* )

Another anime I really enjoyed is “Hataraku Maou-Sama!” It’s a very light anime that despite having a very dark first episode proved to be really funny and amazing! Moreover it doesn’t have a lot of episodes (only 13!) and the lead characters are so weirdly appealing 🙂   Watch it for free here!

The one that I really really loved the most this week is, for sure, is “Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?” I’ll talk more about it in the review that I’m currently working on, but I loved all of it! What I really didn’t like is the fact that there are only 10 episodes! This is not acceptable! I need more Black Rabbit! tumblr_mgugnw0sUU1rbtx3po1_500 and more of Izayoi! tumblr_mk2bh64xsN1qgtqiwo1_r1_500 I need to know so much more!!!(again, watch it for free here 😉 )

As for the movie, I watched “The Internship” and I discovered that Dylan O’mybaby was in there! (hehe, I like the new surname I gave him ;D )

We are all a little Stuart, aren’t we?

It was a very funny and light movie that I really enjoyed watching. It made me laugh and I was always on the edge, waiting for something out of the ordinary to happen, and most of the time I was rewarded 🙂

I would recommend it to all of you who like a familial and nice movie on a peaceful Sunday afternoon.

And finally, I read the first three volumes of “Fairy Tail”. I wanted to get some reading done too this week so this is why I plunged myself into this books full of illustrations and text bubbles 😉

I hope to get some more animes, movies and mangas watched and read by next week!

Love you all,




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