New Blog Layout!

Time for change has come! Yay!!

So I decided to change the look of my blog! I’m sure you must have noticed how bright and yellowish my blog was, and I was satisfied about… until this weekend, when I decided that it needed a relooking 😀 Honestly, I like how it looks now. It seems to be that it is now cleaner and prettier. I like how my posts look like and how, whenever a post has a featured image, the whole of it is displayed (I don’t know if you’d noticed before but with my previous theme only a part of the image was displayed, which really annoyed me.) And I also decided to draw a new header myself and because I didn’t like the previous one, so this time I want to do it right.

Also, concerning the way I write my posts, consider it changed! Well I’ll not change it completely but I’m trying to find a way to make them look better and maybe more professional? Hehe 🙂

Another news that I wanted to share with you guys is that I now use my twitter account! Well I actually have it for a while now but I only used it for giveaways and goodreads updates but now I tweet weird things! My username is @datpiratewitch and I’d be delighted if you could follow me! (I also follow back kekeke)

So I think that is all concerning that little update… Hope you all have a great day!



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