Week 3 Wrap-Up! | Wrap-Ups and TBRs

Week 3 of my #MayManga challenge is already over! I don’t know if I shall call this week “productive”, but I think that it went well 🙂 If you don’t know what “May Manga” is about, check it out here! And here are my previous wrap-ups!

Here we go!

This week has been more of a reading week, and I’m pretty happy about that, especially because I didn’t really like the fact that I’ve been neglecting my reading pace. So I caught up with my lateness, and guess what happened? I completed my 2015 Goodreads Challenge! My first goal was 80 books, and once I’ve successfully completed it, I raised it to 100. And as I’m now at 106 books read, I am thinking of raising it to 150.

The reason as to how I’ve managed to complete it in such a ridiculos amount of time is that I’ve been binge reading Fairy Tail. Last week’s wrap-up has been the “Fairy Week” because I’ve watched about 50 episodes of Fairy Tail and read the first 20 volumes or so. This week I can say that I’ve officially read all of the volumes which are currently published, that is, 49. I’ve read about 25 books in one week! (this also can explain how I’ve managed to overdo my goodreads challenge ^^’ ) In addition I’ve also read and reviewed “Escape from Witchwood Hollow” which was a very distracting and nice read. Read my review here! I really think my reading week was successful.

But the same thing cannot be said about the anime section of my challenge. I’ve only watched one anime, but which I greatly enjoyed, which is “Ao No Exorcist”, or “Blue Exorcist”. It was a nice mixture full of action and comedy and friendship. I just started reading the manga but I already recommend you to watch it. I’m also preparing a review for it so stay tuned!

To prevent myself from going into a reading slump after Fairy Tail (and to do my typical anime/manga comparison), I’ve also started reading “Noragami” (my anime review here). I’m already 4 chapters in and so far it’s as good as the anime!

I hope you also had a good week ❤ Take care!



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