I SHIP IT! (Episode 2) | The Fandom Addicts

I SHIP IT! is a monthly meme I decided to host here at Dat Little Blog! It’s a monthly post where I talk about one of my OTPs and why I ship it sooo much! So without further delay, I SHIP IT! episode 2, here we go.

This time it will be a “special edition” 😉 😉 😉 *more winks* (please bear with my weirdness) in relation to my monthly challenge May Manga, which is already finished but during which I discovered a bunch of manga that I’ll now follow and read. If you want to know more about it, then check out my previous post! Now, let’s get into some fangirling.

For this “special edition” I’d like to talk about one of my OTPs from a manga that I’ve read practically most of the time during this month, which is Fairy Tail. Yea, I’ve read other mangas and watched other animes also recently but this OTP right now is stuck in my head. So I figured I might as well talk about it 😉

If you don’t know what it is about, Fairy Tail follows the adventures of Lucy as she meets Natsu and joins the magic guild Fairy Tail. The manga, and anime also, has everything: action, humor, romance, mystery, badass heroines and so much more. It also has a lot of chapters (436 up until now) and episodes (235 up until now) so if you want to invest yourself into a long series then I recommend you to do so.

Lucy Heartfilia, (known as Lucy) is the main female protagonist of the series. She is a celestial magic user, meaning that she can summon spirits by means of her magic keys. I won’t tell you more, otherwise I’ll spoil you, but she is a very generous and kind person and she’s pretty funny too.

Natsu Dragneel, (a.k.a. Natsu) is the main male protagonist of the series, and while he’s OP and badass, he’s also stupid and clueless about the most obvious things but hey, that’s why we love him. He’s is the fire dragon slayer and uses dragon slayer magic, and actually he’s the type of person who’ll love to have as a friend. He’s loyal and protective and being around him is a lot of fun!

Now the ship’s name is NaLu, and while we’re already 438 chapters deep so far there’s hasn’t been any romance in the air between those two. Even though they already are a sort-of couple from some other characters’ perspectives, and it has been hinted several times that there is going to be something deeper between them later on, so far it seems that they still do not realise that they are being shipped together.

Which, on another point, is pretty cute because I’m dying to see how Mashima (the writer) is going to put them together! I can’t wait to see it happen! *giggles*

This pic truly never gets old…


As the hints are almost everywhere, I’m just gonna assume that this is going to be a thing real soon… I just need it in my life!

nyahaha… is that a hint?…. poor Happy though! (this is read from right to left)

So that was it for this month’s I SHIP IT! Hope you liked it! Well, I’m off fangirling about other ships! *giggles*




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