A Readalong is Happening!

Before talking about the main subject here, I thought I’d let you know about some things first.

  1. I DREW MY HEADER! So, okay, it doesn’t look that great and there are still some edits to make, but I’m so happy about how it looks! It’s been a week now since I’ve last drew it and I could finally scan and resize it today 🙂 Everything about what my blog is about is on it, and yes it’s (very) pixelated but I’m soon going to change that.
  2. I CHANGED MY BIO/TAGLINE. Now you can see exactly what my blog is about which I find more fun and clear. Plus the phrase “A fangirl’s ramblings” sums up what my blog is about so I had to write it somewhere.
  3. I’M BLOGGING AGAIN ON BLOGSPOT! So before Dat Little Blog I used to run a blog with my bestie. But we blogged for only a month and then we left it alone. So I decided yesterday so start over again after forgetting it and I wrote two new blog posts after 6 months! You can check it out here! This blog will be more general: it will be about everything and not only books. Please tell me what you think of it!

Now about that readalong.If you’re not aware yet Queen of Shadows, the fourth book in the Throne of Glass series, is going to be released in September, and this is the top one in my “most anticipated releases of the year”. So instead of biting my nails off while waiting for it to be released I thought of doing a readalong of the first three books!

  • The readalong will be from June to September. It will be a book per month, that is, in June we’ll read Throne of Glass, in July it’ll be Crown of Midnight, in August Heir of Fire and in September we’ll read Queen of Shadows as soon as possible!
  • You can share your reading progress using the hashtag #ToGReadalong on social medias, but it’ll be better if you have an instagram because I think that it’ll be better to discuss about it here than on other websites.
  • Everyone is invited to join!
  • Please spread the word about it ❤


So that are all the things concerning the readalong that I thought of sharing with you. If ever you have questions or any things you want to know, comment down below and I’ll answer you!

It’s also my first readalong so I’m very excited about it



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