Lying Out Loud by Kody Keplinger (ARC) | Book Review

Thank you Netgalley for providing me a copy in exchange of a honest review!



Sonny Ardmore is an excellent liar. She lies about her dad being in prison. She lies about her mom kicking her out. And she lies about sneaking into her best friend’s house every night because she has nowhere else to go.

Amy Rush might be the only person Sonny shares everything with – secrets, clothes, even a nemesis named Ryder Cross.
Ryder’s the new kid at Hamilton High and everything Sonny and Amy can’t stand – a prep-school snob. But Ryder has a weakness: Amy. So when Ryder emails Amy asking her out, the friends see it as a prank opportunity not to be missed.

But without meaning to, Sonny ends up talking to Ryder all night online. And to her horror, she realizes that she might actually ‘like’ him. Only there’s one small catch: he thinks he’s been talking to Amy. So Sonny comes up with an elaborate scheme to help Ryder realize that she’s the girl he’s really wanted all along. Can Sonny lie her way to the truth, or will all her lies end up costing her both Ryder and Amy?

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Rating: 4.5 cats


Is there a Kody Keplinger fan group or something? Because I want to get in. I’ve never read anything by her before, but now that I have, I want more. I’m craving for more.

What I like about this book is that, even if it’s a companion to The DUFF, you don’t have to read it before or anything to enjoy Lying Out Loud. Because I have yet to read and watch The DUFF, but that hasn’t stopped me from devouring and loving and being obsessed with Lying Out Loud. So if ever you want to read this book but you haven’t read The DUFF first, it’s okay! I mean, there are mentions of the first book’s characters but other than that it’s totally fine! It’s not as if you won’t understand anything 😉 (but now I want to read The DUFF. So. Badly. )

I don’t read a lot of contemporary, and while I want that to change, I definitely don’t do anything to make it happen! ^^’ But this book has given me hope again that I still can do this. Sonny is a liar. And not an easy-peasy liar. She’s pretty dang good at lying, and can make you believe in things that you wouldn’t even think possible to believe. From the beginning of the story you have a taste of her lying abilities which proved to be very… fascinating. To me at least. I loved her character. She is one of those characters who is so relatable (not to me but that’s not the point) and easy to understand. She is not perfect; she makes mistakes (oh hell, yes she does!) and puts herself in unimaginable positions which afterwards get back at her. Nonetheless she does not give up while some would have. But the thing with her is that she wants things to work out for her; she just doesn’t know how to make it happen without lying. And that’s a big problem. At multiple occasions I was like this:

10228198 Katara (me): don’t do it something is going to happen I’m telling you listen to me don’t do it don’t do it

Aang (Sonny): na everything’s gonna be fine you don’t have to worry yeaaah YOLO

And guess who was right at the end?

Even though that I respect her because throughout the story you come to know her better and the reasons behind her, sometimes, weird actions. She doesn’t want to be a damsel in distress. She doesn’t want to be pitied. She stands for herself and wants to do everything by herself, but she doesn’t realise that sometimes, it’s good to talk and be helped.

[after review note: Sonny has an amazing level of sassiness. Booya! 😉 ]

The writing was flawless. Let it be sentences structure or the plot or the way the author pieces everything together, it was amazing. Keplinger has a way of wanting you to read more and that’s the thing I love the most about the book; it’s how you can easily see something like this happening in real life with real persons at your own school (well, not mine, as it was, well, still is, a girls-only secondary school). Hats off, Kody Keplinger. You’re awesome.

The other characters were also very interesting to read about. Amy was such a nice and kind character that I couldn’t help but love her! She’s one of the sweetest people ever and Sonny is so blessed to have her as a friend, even if sometimes Amy seems to be oblivious of the fact that no everyone has the same opportunities as she does. Gosh, I would love to have such a nice friend (oh god if ever you are my friend online or in real-life and you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU!… okay? ^^’ ) Ryder was a very interesting character to read about. He’s not really prince charming, so if you were waiting for this then sorry! But that’s not what’s about. Like Amy and Sonny, he has his flaws, and I like how the author shows them to us in the open, because I feel like these flaws contribute to a better understanding of the characters. Let’s face it; perfect characters can be boring.

So if ever you like a nice romantic contemporary (which is not only about romance but about friendship too) or you want to read something light and funny, then I highly recommend this book to you! And to my american friends, Happy 4th of July (I’m sorry I’m late though whoops)



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