Bookshelf Tour!

Some days ago I realised that I’ve hit 50 followers! It may not seems like it but for me it’s something huge and exciting! I still couldn’t believe my eyes when this notification popped in among my other notifications!

yay *dances awkwardly*

When creating my blog I never thought that this many persons would like what I write and what I post about, so for me it’s quite a milestone. Not a huge one, but a milestone nonetheless ❤

I wanted to do something special for the occasion, but right now I cannot do something like a giveaway (maybe later 😉 )  And now I want to share my little piece of my paradise with you guys ❤ Also I apologise beforehand for the horrible quality of the pictures, that’s because the lighting in my room is horrible, and that’s the best my mom’s phone could do. My photography skills also aren’t that great so… I hope that you’ll enjoy this post nevertheless!

2015-07-12 02.11.55 1_1

As you can see my bookshelf is a bit of a vanity-bookshelf. The left side is my sister’s, but otherwise the rest is mine. I don’t really like it but as it’s fixed into the wall I cannot really move it or anything, which means that I’ll have to bear with it until I get an apartment or a house and make up my adult life… (actually that’s what my mom said, because “we aren’t going to change all your room furniture! When you’ll have our own home you’ll do what you want” -_- thanks mom. really. )


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also keep my hardcovers on my desk because of all the humidity in my room. And humidity is a nightmare for a hardcover.

And then I have this double stack shelf on this… cabinet (? ughh guys I’m sorry I’m more used to french than to english)


On this shelf I have my House of Night books, my second Harry Potter boxset and my school literature books, as well as some of my mom’s literature books.

If you have any questions about any of the titles, feel free to ask!

and… that is it! I hope you enjoyed this post full of pictures (that I tried to take nicely but failed ^^’ ) and I promise to do something more original next time!

Also, I created yet another tumblr, (but this time it’s a personal one so yea!) and I’d be super happy if you could check it out and maybe give a follow? you-poor-mortal 🙂

Thank you amazing people for following me! I love you all ❤



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