My Books Are Dying!

Now I’m aware that this seems like a totally serious problem happening here, and that the title is… very dramatic. I give you that. But it’s real. And it’s happening (well, to me at least).

I live in a very humid town. And to make matters worst, my grandma’s boyfriend plants next to my house (we live all together in the same yard but in different houses). I don’t have anything against that. But the “garden” (more like a patch of land where brèdes grow) (guys I’m sorry I don’t know how to say that in english so here’s a link to the french wikipedia) is next to my room. Making the walls humid. And the plywood humid and dirty. And my bookshelf gross when I touch it.

To make things short, this situation is

  1. making me mad
  2. making the pages of my books yellow, making my hardcovers spotty and making my books smell old and moldy.
  3. thus making me more mad.

I’ve searched some tips on google about how to get rid of the spots on my hardcovers and I’m relieved that I can actually do something about them. But the main problem remains that, because of the brèdes growing next to my window, even if I do clean my hardcovers the same problem can arise at any time. I’ve told my mom about it and she said that she’ll do something about it, but until then I had to remove all my books from my bookshelf and put them in the very far and dry corner on big shelves and had to double-stack them *sobs sobs* So until the magnificent edible leaves are not removed, I won’t be able to do anything on my bookshelf, which distresses me. Even though I know that by summer my mom will hire someone to clean up everything, I still have to wait for summer. (which will be in roughly… 4 to 5 months?)

But I’m sure everything will be okay. Nothing can go wrong, huh?Also guys if you have tips about how to deal with humidity please share them with me, I’ll be so happy!

I’m sorry for this distressing post between. But don’t worry, I’ve been drafting some new posts and categories that I’m excited to share with you all! See you soon!



6 thoughts on “My Books Are Dying!

  1. Try a dehumidifier in your room. That should help with the problem. Or at least take some of the moisture out of the air. Have to get rid of the mold. No good for books and paper of any kind. So sorry to hear that about your books. The worst feelings since we are all book lovers.

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