Induction Day! | D-7 Before Uni

Hello there! So I decided to post daily until I go to Uni, and to create a “Before Uni” series. I hope you’ll like it!

I’m sorry I wasn’t online recently, there was my induction coming up and for some reason I was very stressed about it. If ever you’re confused about what I mean by induction, here I tell you: it’s a day where we go to Uni before the beginning of the school year and after all the speeches given by each of the representatives we get to visit the campus and meet and talk to our seniors.

It was actually really fun. I don’t know why I was so scared about it. (maybe because I get scared of the most not-scary things…?) After the speeches given by each of the representatives, we had a short break, then we were separated into classes and met our seniors. They talked about the teachers and the dos and don’ts with a good dose of humour 🙂 Then we were made to visit the campus and I discovered some nice spots to take some book pictures 😉

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the building but I did photograph (with bad lighting unfortunately) what we got there.

induction 1 induction 2 (click on the pictures to see them full size!)

I’m just going to use this little card thing as a bookmark 😉

On Sunday I was, like, more stressed than I’ve ever been. I’ve already said that I stressed more on not-educational related things than usual, and I mean by that that for exams, or results, or things like that… Well, I’m never stressed for those. But I was always stressed before my oral musical exams and my violin exams. And when I’m stressed, I go to the toilet a lot. I think that I want to pee but at the end it was just all in my head. And also, I feel cold. One thing you need to know about me. I’m never cold. Never. We can be in the midst of an anti-cyclone in Winter and it’s super cold but I’ll just put up a pullover because my mom will freak out if I don’t wear any. So if I’m cold, in Summer, before my violin examinations, well, you know it’s the stress and nothing else.

To return to Sunday. My mom has already decided that Sunday would be her baking day. So we baked. A lot.

baking adv 1 baking adv 2 baking adv 3 baking adv4 baking adv 5 (click on the pictures to see them full size!)

And the baking did make me feel less stressed. After that we shopped a little on AliExpress and I got some clothes for Christmas Time. Yay me!

So that was what I wanted to talk about. Also expect more post in the next couples of days because I feel so inspired! Love ya all xxx




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