Time Management | D-2 Before Uni

Hello there! I haven’t updated much about my Uni series because 1. I was busy these last days and 2. I did not know what to write about. If ever you’re interested into checking out my series, here are the previous posts!

  • D-7 | Induction Day
  • D-6 | Cast Away Thy Uniform
  • D-5 | The Most Important Meal of the Day

I also know that today is Sunday so this post should be D-1 but don’t worry, D-1 while be posted later on and I really wanted to talk about it and was too busy to complete this post and upload it yesterday. Sorry!

Something that I really wanted to talk about was time management. This time, you do not have to go to Uni every day, and the lecture/s don’t last a full day. Most of the time anyway. So it’s really important to know how to manage his/her time to get out the most of everyday. While making a timetable (if you do anyway) it’s important to plan what you have decided to do while taking into consideration unplanned things.

Let’s spill it right there: I love planning my stuff ahead and making timetables but I can never follow them completely. I also suck at time management. I’ll plan to do something and then end up to do something else and then regretting it. But I want to change that this year (well… we are now in August so not really “this year”… -_- ) I want to be more responsible and learn more stuff (namely, cooking and spanish) and be able to cope with studies, blogging, reading and enjoying myself. Because whenever I decide to do something, I always concentrate more on it and neglect whatever else I’m doing. So yeah…

I’ve also created some “bookish tumblr” planner and notes sheet things that I’m excited to print out and use and that will hopefully help me to be more organised. (if ever you’re interested into downloading the tumblr planner thingy tell me and I’ll upload it! 🙂 )



Also while surfing on tumblr I found this and I hope that if I follow it, it’ll help me to be more productive.

Pomodoro Technique - Tumblr

I haven’t tried it yet but it does seem nice so… 😉

And that was it for today’s post! Do you have tips on time management or organisations? Do you make timetables or lists? Or do you not plan everything ahead and decide what you do when you want it? Tell me in the comments below!

See you soon!


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