Bookish Discussion: How To Avoid Spoilers

wpid-1439467563910.pngWe are all book lovers here. And I think I’m right if I say that we all have been spoiled at least once inadvertently while surfing innocently. I think we can all agree on one thing: it’s really frustrating.

Let it be about a new release that you have been planning to read later on or a book which have been released before but which you really want to read, being spoiled is never a good thing. Except if you don’t mind or you wanted to be spoiled. That’s different. For example, I’ve been wanting to read the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi but I already know who the girl is going to choose at the end of the series. Same with the Infernal Devices. Thus, I’ve been delaying the reading of these series because of this. I haven’t watched the last Harry Potter movie yet (and neither read the last two books yet), but thanks to one of my friends I now know what’s the last horcrux, and thanks to social media I know who dies.

How come I thought about writing this post? Two days ago while tumblring (it’s totally a word, okay?), I found out that someone has got an early copy of Queen of Shadows (I’m totally jealous!) and this person was kind enough not to spoil anything about it (and I’m so grateful!) whereas someone else who got an early copy put up a spoilery review (I think that’s what happened because that’s what I understood, I didn’t want to read more because I was scared to be spoiled), so I’m assuming that that’s what happened.

So here are some things I decided to do until I get my copy Of QoS and until I read it.

  • Social Media You Should Avoid

Instagram, tumblr, facebook… You name it. I’m also on twitter but I don’t tweet a lot, so I think I’m safe here. But as QoS is going to be released on September first, and as I’m assuming that I’ll get my copy by the 20th, I’ve decided to avoid these social medias. I’ve taken this decision mainly because I follow quite a lot of fan accounts, many of which I love their edits and the images they post, so instead of unfollowing them, well, I’ll just ignore them! Also there are people who can get their hands on the copies quickly, and read the book more quickly, and then make their edits with potential spoilers and post them as fast as lightning, thus spoiling the other people who have yet to read the book. This is awful. The worst thing ever.

Let it be facebook or instagram, I’ve decided to check them occasionally whenever I have a notification, but not to scroll through my feed. Oh no! If ever I’ll see a spoiler, I’m going to die x_x

  • Cautious On The Internet You Should Be

I’ve been spoiled multiple times while searching things on the internet and ending up on the wiki pages of specific characters. That’s how I knew how Allegiant would end up. And I think that’s also why I still haven’t managed to finish the book. That’s why I’m telling you that you should be very careful while surfing on the web. Wikias are a great source for spoilers, so you should avoid them at all costs (I learned that the hard way :/ )

You should also be careful while reading reviews or looking out for books on goodreads. Not everyone uses the spoiler tags in their reviews and that’s really annoying, especially when all you want to know is if the book’s good, or if the writing’s nice etc. There are even people who spoil things while updating their reading progress (I have been spoiled for Red Queen about who’s the betrayer like that, but thank God I have now forgotten the name!) and who talk about what exactly happened in the book in their reviews. THAT IS WHY THERE IS A SPOILER TAG, PEOPLE! USE IT! -_-

  • Careful Around Your Friend/s You Should Be

Okay, so I understand that it’s not the case for everyone to have bookish friends (right now, my new friend at Uni just told me she doesn’t like to read. And I was like, “but with whom am I going to fangirl now??? 😦 ) but if you are one of those lucky people, then you should clearly tell your friend that, even though s/he read a book before you, you would like not to be spoiled. I had a friend who would tell me what happened during a whole book to realise afterwards that I didn’t want to know. And I accidentally spoiled Allegiant for one of my friends and realised it too late. The thing is, you must be careful about what you say in order to not spoil your friends, and your friends should do that too 😉

And there are times when, even if you have avoided social media or done the best you could, that you end up being spoiled anyway. I don’t really have remedies for what to do afterwards, but here are some things that I hope can help 🙂

  • Forget You Should

Do it if possible. Forget. About the Red Queen spoiler, I remember thinking about it for days, thinking that reading this book will now be pointless, but after a while I made myself think about it less, until finally I forgot about it. I know it won’t be possible for all of the books (example, I still remember the spoiler for ACOTAR even though it’s been a month or so since I saw it) but you should not let the spoiler made you less excited to read the book. A spoiler, as big as it is, won’t tell you what happened in the book or what led to it. For example, I quit Allegiant not because I knew what was going to happen, but because the book became less interesting for me.

  • Keep Calm You Must

Chill. I know, once you are spoiled, it’s over. BUT! You shouldn’t think it’s the end of the world, because, I’m sure you’re still going to enjoy the book no matter what. A spoiler will just tell you about something, and as I just said above, it’s not an account of the entire book. You still can explore it no matter what! 🙂

  • Enjoying The Book No Matter What You Can

Yes! The title is pretty self-explanatory, but, spoiled or not, that won’t stop you from devouring the book whole! 😉

And that is it for today! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed typing it! Do you have stories in which you have been spoiled, or spoiled someone without meaning to? Do you any tips as to how to avoid spoilers? Tell me in the comments below! I’d love to hear it all!

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12 thoughts on “Bookish Discussion: How To Avoid Spoilers

  1. I’m pretty good at avoiding spoilers (unless a friend directly tells me the whole story). This is just me but when it comes to reading other’s reviews (especially when I’m interested in a particular book), I’ll just skip to the bottom. I know that’s pretty lame but at least I’ll know if the good is really something or not. Or maybe skip the whole thing and wait for the book release itself.

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  2. Ugh, this reminds me- I saw a post about literary deaths that were shocking, I think it was from book riot, or maybe buzzed, on Facebook. I saw a huge spoiler that I was SOO MAD about. I was like yelling at my husband about how unfair it was and WHY DID I LOOK lol.

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