Is This A Zombie? | (Mini) Anime Review

New anime review! This time I’ll talk about “Is This a Zombie?”!

What It Is About

Aikawa Ayumu is a normal high school boy. One day he is killed by a serial killer and revived as a zombie by a necromancer named Eucliwood Hellscythe. He starts to serve Eu as her guard but he happens to deprive the masou-shoujo Haruna of her magic power. Haruna orders Ayumu to fight against the anti-masou-shoujo system “Megalo” in her place.

Number of episodes: 12

Second season? Yes

Manga: 8 volumes

Light Novel: 19 volumes

My Thoughts About It

I jumped into this anime mostly because I knew it was a comedy. And don’t get it wrong; it is. From the first episode, the mood clears itself to reveal lots of humour and it’s amazing and magical. You follow Ayumu, the main character, as he talks about his new life as a zombie.

I really loved the design of the characters, and the characters themselves were so freaking amazing. The humour is everywhere; from the characters to the plots to the sub stories! You even have weirdly awesome non-human people (*cough cough* Magiclad girl *cough cough* vampire ninja), that you’ll have to admit, are very nice.

Ayumu really is a nice main character. For a zombie, he doesn’t look obsessed with brains, and for a dead guy, he seems pretty lively.

(in case you’re wondering, yep, that’s our guy)


I enjoyed watching his daily adventures and character development. Like all (or most) MC, he’s flawed, but has quite a number of qualities, and he’s a really great guy. I really liked Eu and Haruna, especially the latter, because she’s one of the funniest character in this show. (in my opinion anyway 🙂 ) The only character I did not like was Seraphim, mostly because she’s lives in Ayumu’s house and doesn’t respect him. And her behaviour annoys the hell out of me. And most of the time I’m there like, “are you kidding me?” (see Cana’s picture for reference 😛 )

Even though the plot becomes darker at some point, there’s some ridicule present to make the atmosphere less tense and I love it.

So, on the overall,  I would rate this anime 3.5 stars. It was really enjoyable and I feel like giving the second season a go.

Why I Listen To It

So the soundtrack is one of the funniest I’ve ever listened to. I can imagine most of the tracks fitting in my “everyday life adventures”, and that’s so cool!

is this a zombie

The OST has 41 tracks and the genius behind this album is Kakijima Shinji. It’s a really light soundtrack and I would recommend it to everyone. Plus, the opening song by Nomizu Iori, Makasete Tonight, is so amazhang! *o*

So that is it for today’s mini-review! I hope you enjoyed it, and do tell me if you think of giving this anime a go! Love ya all ❤

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