Random Friday! Disney’s The Descendants Stole My Soul

Is “Random Friday” already a thing? If not, TA-DAAAA! I just made it up. Feel free to post about your random fridays too! It’s not a weekly meme, it’s only non-bookish related posts that I decided to put together under a tag 😉 Feel free to do it too 🙂

Last Wednesday, I finally got a copy of Descendants from one of my friends. I was so pumped that I watched it immediately and, oh my god, it was awesome!

I think that the plot was very original, and the characters very well thought off. There were quite a bunch of predictable stuff, but hey, it’s Disney, so the good side must win with minimal damage 😉

It’s not a criticism, but I really enjoyed the movie, especially the songs. While I consider that my “disney-era” is done, I don’t know many of the new actors, but I found the songs very catchy. My favourite is “Rotten to the Core”, and I can’t seem to listen to something else at the moment!

Also, Sofia Carson sung another version of this song which is as addictive as the original

The characters were really well played, and I liked how they made their own decisions instead of sticking to the stereotype that, “if my parent is evil, I’m evil too.”

I think I’m going to just watch this movie again because I really want to just write another post about it 🙂 If you want a cute and nice movie that you can watch with your family or your younger siblings or cousins, then I wholeheartedly recommend you this movie! I rate it 4.5 hearts

What about you? Do you plan to watch this movie? Or not? Do tell me in the comments below!

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