Why I Hate Reading Slumps


Hello everybody! Recently, there has been a lack of reviews up on my blog. I have a valid reason for that; I was in a reading slump. I couldn’t read anything without putting it down and feel a little… bored to continue. I know; it’s horrible. And irresponsible. But I recently got out of it and I decided that I could write a post on the infamous problem that are reading slumps. Specifically, what I don’t like about them.


Yes they are! Don’t try to deny it! Even if you really want to read something new, you won’t feel like it because you just can’t. And that’s… Well, that’s annoying.


One day you have just finished one of the most amazing book of the world, and you feel ready to tackle your TBR… and the next moment, you cannot even read a sentence without being full of this annoying feeling of “hmmm… I don’t feel like it…” And the next thing you know, a month has passed, and your TBR is still untouched.


Reading slumps kill me. Especially when I really want to be productive and end up reading nothing. I was in a slump these past two months or something, and it was really horrible, trust me; I couldn’t even open a book without putting it back on my shelves. I didn’t even read my e-arcs, and I felt really bad about it. But now that it is (partly)gone, I guess that I am now cured and ready to take on my TBR!

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I don’t really have remedies to reading slumps but here are some things that help me out 🙂


It works… in my case anyway. Listening to a bunch of OST music always helps me out to imagine some nice scenes in books that I’ll (probably) never write. And sometimes some “scenes” makes me think about some books and… well… making me want to read them 😀


In my case, reading contemporaries help me a lot because I’m not a big contemporary reader. I don’t know how this all works out, but I’m always ready for more after reading a good funny book.


Also known as; “Treat yourself!” Whenever I buy myself a new book I have this urging feeling of reading it ASAP as if the book will try to escape. Recently, I got some new e-arcs so I’m really excited to dive into them! And sometimes, well, sayonara reading slump!

Screenshot_2015-09-11-18-15-12 Screenshot_2015-09-11-18-16-23

And there we’re it! I hope you enjoyed this short little post where I rant about the awfulness of reading slumps! What about you? How do you feel about slumps? And do you have any solutions against them? Tell me in the comments below!

See you all soon ❤

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