Random Friday! I Order Too Much Stuff…

I think that “Random Friday!” is finally becoming a weekly meme. Well, who would have thought that it would be so inspiring to write random posts? Well, not me! Either way, I think that I will stick to it because it’s so much fun!

I’m also a day late but… That’s okay! 😉 I thought that I would talk about something I’m doing too much recently, and which I think I will do too much later on, which is ordering stuff online. I’m sure I’m not the only one who always find nice stuff on the internet and who thus want to buy them all. Whether it is ebay, aliexpress, or more recently etsy or society6, I cannot stop  myself from searching up nice things and adding them to my wishlist, to then add them to my cart and buy them all. *le sighs* I must look so hopeless to you XD I do not have an ounce of self control XD XD

i order too much stuff

This “obsession”, you may say?, started back last year when I wanted to buy myself a mockingjay necklace. So many things happened since that first order on ebay! Necklaces, bangles, nail art supplies… I ordered a lot of stuff, especially to give as gifts for christmas and birthdays. Recently, my mom and I searched for some clothes… And gosh, I think it was one heck of an error! Dresses, tops… You name it!

Right now I just got some jewellery and bookmarks, as well as totally mundane things such as a USB cable. I mean, why go for the ordinary when you can have a coloured one? 😂 You don’t have to answer that, haha, I know that’s not the point here.
image imageimage

The thing is that, once I start… Well, there’s no coming back. You start out by searching only one thing (in this case it was a dress, if I’m not mistaken) and end up ordering things you don’t even need; that you’re buying mainly because of the price and how cheap it is and how you won’t find something like that anywhere else.

Right now I’m taking a break from the ordering frenzy but I’m already thinking about what I can buy myself for Christmas 😅😋 We’re still in September, but as we say, time flies! Maybe I’ll buy myself some books and some bookmarks? Or instead of bookmarks, something from a society6 store? I just discovered Viria (the Viria from tumblr) had a store and I’m dying to get a throw pillow with Pirate Leo on it to put on my bed!

So yes haha, that is it for today! I’ll post a tag, and maybe a review too, later! I hope you are all doing good!
What about you? Are you an online shopper? Tell me in the comments below!

p.s: the sizes of the pictures may look weird because I’m writing this on my tablet. I’m going to edit everything back once I switch on my laptop!

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5 thoughts on “Random Friday! I Order Too Much Stuff…

  1. Those are pretty purchases! I am trying to limit myself these days because I just preordered the new iPhone so it will set me back budget wise for a long while XD


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