My Favourites of the Month! (September 2015)

Hey there! So I decided to schedule my posts until I can finally blog normally again because I really missed writing up posts ūüôā (and because I’ve got tests to study for and presentations to prepare) Also I decided to write a kind of novel and I am currently pinning some images and putting up a playlist on iTunes and drafting the characters and setting – It’s all so exciting!

Anyway, let’s talk about the main subject of this post, which is the favourite things I did this month. This month came and went so quickly! I remember being so excited for this month because of Queen of Shadows, then,¬†poof!¬†Now I must wait 1 year to know what is going to happen next. *sigh* I am a bit hopeless. But anyway, let’s get into it!favs of the month sep 2015

1. I made some social media icons!

For weeks now I wanted to link all of my social media accounts to my blog with social media icons. That’s when I found out that there weren’t tumblr or goodreads icons – which was annoying. So I decided to create my own! It was very exciting to create my own buttons and write the code behind each of them! You can see how they look like on the right sidebar, but in case you cannot, here’s what they look like!

goodreads tumblr twitter

I used one of my pictures as background and I really like how they look like!

2. Queen of Shadows killed me

But in a good way… if you can be killed in a good way. This book was amazing and so far, it’s my favourite in this series, right in front of¬†Heir of Fire. I loved it so much that I am still struggling as of now to write a coherent review, but I am almost done. I think. Maybe. Maybe not. *sigh* Anyway, this book was amazing but I am now scared to know what is going to happen next because this ending was a good one. I mean, it was not a cliffhanger. Which really scares me for book no. 5. I hope she doesn’t kill anybody!

3. Also, I am kind of addicted to The Lunar Chronicles now

I started reading Cinder on the 28th of September, and by Friday I was done with the series and with some novellas. I am still reading¬†Fairest but oh my god, I love Marissa Meyer. This series is so amazing and has nice strong female characters and no love triangles (yay!) and the romance is very good (there’s not too much of it and that’s what I need!) and… I cannot give you enough reasons to pick this series up, except maybe that you won’t regret it. I pre-ordered¬†Winter¬†too and it has 832 pages…? Please, Marissa, don’t kill anyone!

4. Still receiving stuff from the internet

Remember my last random friday post where I talk about all of the stuff I’ve ordered? I still haven’t received all of them. I am saying this because I wanted to write a haul post but it will have to wait ūüė¶

5. I am consumed by the god of OST

I think I’ve downloaded 4, maybe 5 OST albums, and I can’t seem to listen to anything else at the moment. While it really helps me with my initial drafting, it also helps me with my law stuff, because, let’s face it, it’s not done for me. Which leads to…

6. Have I chosen wrongly?

This month I also couldn’t stop thinking about this. It’s been 2 months since I started University, and while I really enjoy going there, I feel like the course I have chosen is not the right one for me. I’ve discussed about it a lot with my mom, and while she says that she knew I should have chosen course X (because I am really good at it), she also added that I should wait till next year and then take my decision, as I still have time. Nevertheless, while I am trying hard in my current course, I am already determined to re-apply next year and start another degree. I still have time, right?


This is written all in caps lock because I recently got my visa card. All this time, while I was the one buying books and other stuff, I didn’t have any cards so I had to use my mom’s. And while it wasn’t always a piece of cake, I always wanted to have my own card when I’ll start Uni to buy my own stuff with my own money. And I got one! I placed my first order on the internet on¬†Happy Hello Art,¬†who do amazing magnetic bookmarks. I am so excited to receive it!

8. It’s October! Which means…


So…. as you can see…. I am really looking forward to it… ūüėČ

9. Fate/Zero destroyed me

After¬†Queen of Shadows¬†killed me,¬†Fate/Zero¬†destroyed me. The thing, I had this one character who I really loved and he was amazing and fantastic and I knew he couldn’t make it because he was not the main character but I couldn’t stop myself from absolutely respect and love him… And then… This episode came… And shattered me. Completely. Never in my life have I cried that much for a character. It was not the little sob type. It was the long and continuous sobbing type. Heck, I was wailing. I couldn’t stop. It happened, and I was there, and I couldn’t bring myself to watch the last 2 episodes on the same day because to me, the story has already lost all of its value. And I sat on my chair and I mourned him like I have never mourned a fictional character that much in my life. It was painful. Very, very painful. The thing is, it made me become less emotionally attached to fictional characters. To make it more… clear, I found myself not very invested emotionally while reading The Lunar Chronicles¬†than I usually am. It’s not that I don’t care anymore, it’s just… that I am on my guard. So that, if ever something shitty happens, I will be prepared. But I am putting the blame of my insensitivity on that one shitty character who destroyed everything. G, I hate you. -_-

10. Scheduling again and again…

As I have mentioned in the beginning, most of this month (if not all) posts are going to be schedules, so if ever I do not respond to your comments, it’s not that I am ignoring you. It will more because I will not be online, and if I am, I will not be active. I hope October will flew by fast, as I am very impatient to blog normally again!

This month I babbled about:

So that was it for today’s month! What were your favourite things this month? Tell me in the comments below!

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