A Fox’s Tail by Brandon Varnell | Book Review

I’d like to thank the author for giving me an e-copy in exchange of a honest review! That didn’t in any way alter my opinion!


Kevin’s life has finally started settling down. Sure, he still has to deal with Lilian’s zany antics, but desensitization has set in at last and
he’s actually beginning to enjoy the gorgeous Kitsune’s continued presence. Too bad he’s in denial. Unfortunately for him, life likes to throw fast balls when you least expect it to, and his life about to get ecchi―I-I mean ugly.

A tsundere dressed in Gothic Lolita fashion…

A boy whose hair is bigger than his brain…

A new enemy that makes Chris Fleischer look like a fifty pound weakling…

Trying to admit his feelings for a certain tomboy…

Not to mention Lilian herself. Yeah, Kevin’s got problems, and life can only get more strenuous from here on out.

Oh well. At least he hasn’t been turned into a Harem Protagonist.

this is a second book to the series, and I haven’t read the first one on the series. Nevertheless I was able to understand the story 🙂


ratingBetween 2.5 cats and 3 cats


How to start this review? This book was so, so promising. The plot was very original and interesting and it made me curious about how the story would roll out. The thing is that the story is interesting; it’s not the sort of plot you’ll find in most books. There’s comedy, humour, mystery, action… You couldn’t ask for more! But, in my opinion, what really shattered it all, is the romance.

I think I already said I was not a big fan of romance, but I do like it when it is well executed. There are several books I’ve read where romance plays a part in them, and where I really don’t mind because it does fit in the storyline. However, in A Fox’s Tail, the romance was forced. I couldn’t read past some of the “romantic” passages without rolling my eyes or landing a giant facepalm. This was mainly due to the fact that I couldn’t stand the main female protagonist, Lilian. I… ugh! I couldn’t force myself to understand her, or like her, or anything. She was plain annoying, and acted like such an idiot, in the sense that she doesn’t want to accept the fact that poor Kevin does not want to be her mate.

I know this book is supposed to be like manga and anime in the sense that, there are references and descriptions and situations typically “manga” and also, the book was ecchi – I do not have anything against ecchi in general but I don’t like when it’s too much-  but it was just too much of fan service for me. And, God help me, I hate fan service. The stereotyped women with huge boobs and huge butt? Nope. The stereotyped women who want to do anything to seduce the men they love? Even less. The stereotyped women who hide things in their boobs? Seriously? What are guys thinking? These are boobs, not spare pockets! -_-

gainaxing-spare-pen sexual-anime-gifs-boobs

Also, at one point, I feel like the author is being forced to make us laugh. I mean, some of the innuendos and jokes and situations were really funny to read about, but after some time, it felt repetitive, and thus, lost its charm and was not that funny anymore.

I am sorry if I am lashing out too much, but I needed to voice it out. The storyline was really interesting, but it would have been better, in my opinion, if it weren’t for the overload of unnecessary fan service. Again, this is only my opinion, and you are free to disagree with whatever I’ve just said. So, on the overall, A Fox’s Tail would have been more enjoyable if there would not be that much of fan service. Then again, fan service may be the main pro of this novel, but for me, it was a huge con.

Manga vocabulary!

Ecchi: Softcore hentai. Often includes panty-shots, nudity, or perverted situations. Almost always used for humor. Ecchi does not describe actual sex acts. (from urban dictionary)

So that is it for today! See you all soon!

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