Random Friday! Have you said “DIY”? (+ DIY Paper Flower)

“Random Friday!” is a meme I host here on Dat Little Blog! It’s not a weekly meme, you can post whatever Friday you feel like it, and you are free to take part! So, no pressure 😉

This time I decided to post a bit about DIY. “DIY” is the acronym for “do it yourself”, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. Whether it’s clothes, bookmarks, bangles… There a lot of things you can do yourself given the proper materials. And I really, really love DIY, for that fact alone.

have you said diy?

While I am not a DIY-obsessed, I enjoy doing some things by myself, such as necklaces and notebooks to name some. And as I love sharing my obsessions with you guys ( 😉 ), I decided to give 5 reasons why you should at least try it out.

It’s relaxing

Doing Diy stuff, it’s more importantly a hobby, doing something in a spare moment just for fun, with no constraint, no judging. Only you and your creativity.

Ever heard of recycling?

I know that in french you call it “la mode recup’ “, that is, you make things out of other unused or old things. Instead of throwing away your old drawer, why not use it to make new nice shelves? See what I mean?

It’s creative

I am a sucker for everything creative, so of course I had to write it somewhere. I love doing crafts to express myself, and even if sometimes what I do does not look like much, I’m pretty proud of myself by the end of the day 😀

There’s no way you’re doing it wrong

DIY things are essentially things you do yourself. Of course there are some stuff which you will step by step instructions, but it’s most importantly meant for you to not be stress and enjoy your spare time once in a while.

Why not?

Heck! Why not try and see if you enjoy it? It’s free 😉

And to finish this post, I’ll post a little paper art DIY 😀 It may be related to the kind of flower in the picture above 😛


You will need:

  • craft paper/paper/bristol paper… whichever you wantDIY 1
  • glue
  • scissors

*note: click on the pictures for full size!*
On your paper, draw and cut out 8 squares of 6cm x 6cm (in the original video, which is linked at the bottom of this post, it says 5.5cm
by 5.5 cm but you can make it bigger or smaller – this measurement is only a standard). Once this is done, fold each square into 2, then again in the other side. Then fold it again in a triangle in each corner. The result should be like in picture 2.


DIY 2Once this is done, push one of the corners inside (okay this is confusing just look at picture 3 and you will hopefully understand what I mean) until  it looks like a parallelogram (omg why am I using mathematical language?). Repeat with the other corner until you’ll have a triangle (picture 7)


Here comes the bit which is a little hard to type. But I’ll try. From picture 6 you can see that you have now 2 “flaps”, right? Let’s name them flap up and flap down. Take the left flap down (picture 8), and fold it on the line in the center of the triangle (picture 9). Repeat with the right flap down. You should get the same result as in picture 11. Repeat the same steps for all of the squares.




Now, the glueing process. This is where I always manage to fail. If you have liquid glue, put some into a dish or a flat surface, and with a toothpick, put some on the kind of wing of your petal. (picture 13 – where there’s the toothpick)) Now stick it below the other petal, and make sure all the “pointy ends” are aligned. (picture 15). With your last petal, put glue on its two wings before sticking the whole thing together. And ta-daa! Here you have your flower. If you want it to be a little more flat, you can glue all of the flaps/petal, so as to get the same result as in picture 18. You can also put a pin, a fastener or glue something in the middle. And… You’re done! You can stick it on a corner bookmark, or gift it to a friend!

—–>Here’s the video where I first saw it:


And that is it for today! I hope you enjoyed this post! And if ever you do some paper flowers, show them to me on twitter, instagram or here! I’d love to see them!

See you soon! ❤

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