Bookish Discussion: How To Deal With All of the Feels

Hey there! For this post I decided to tackle something that I am sure happens to most of us when we are reading: we become full of all of the emotions as we’re travelling across the pages of a novel. And sometimes, we don’t know how to react or to deal with this overload of feelings. So here I am, talking about it in this discussion topic!

how to deal with all of the feels
p.s: don’t mind me. I was not crying. Well… I think.

I think I thought about this topic after I was trying to deal with all of the emotional damage caused after watching Fate/Zero. (I wrote a review about it here!) Never in my life have I cried so much when a fictional character died. It was so, so painful. Eventually, I sought to find ways to deal with my loss.

  • Don’t fight it

That one’s pretty plain; you have to let your feelings out. Personally, I cannot carry my sadness around, so after a particularly sad moment in a book, movie or anime; I make sure to cry silently in my bed at night. And, while sometimes the little sobs that happen right after that particular moment are enough, sometimes I cannot just have “little sobs”. I remember, after watching Fate/Zero and crying while it was happening, going in front of my mirror to think of something else (and to realise that I looked like I was having conjunctivitis) to broke down completely. Guys, I cried for at least 10 minutes. Maybe 15. I couldn’t stop. I creeped out my brother who didn’t know what to do with me and hugged me weirdly while I was crying my heart out. It was very… awkward. But the thing is, when it’s over, you’ll feel better. Trust me.

  • Take a break

I don’t usually take breaks, especially when I’m reading, but sometimes a break is needed. And not necessary a long one; maybe a few hours, or a day. Just to sort out things and to know where you stand amidst the gigantic whirlwind that consists of feelings. Go outside, breath some fresh air, talk to people… Get your head out of whatever you were reading/watching for a few hours, to then be ready to dive in your book again with a fresh mind.

  • Read/Watch something funny

I also prescribe to watch and/or read something funny, which will help you to think about something else and to enjoy yourself a bit. As with the break, it’s important to clear your mind a bit and relax. Believe me or not, life still goes on. So give yourself two slaps and get back on the ride that is life. Kidding. Don’t slap yourselves guys.

my lil rider *sobs sobs*

  • And finally, finish that book/anime

Once you are once again under control and you know that you can do it without wailing again, then finish your book (if you still weren’t done I mean. Like, that moment was in the middle or something like that). If you are lucky, nothing worse is going to happen. Or you may end up like me and became totally not invested at all about the ending. (Sorry Fate/Zero, you shouldn’t have to kill my little baby) Let’s hope not though 😉

So that is it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it! What about you? Do you have little “remedies” after having read something really… tragic? Tell me in the comments below!

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