My Internet Haul! (Or why I shouldn’t be left alone with my mom’s credit card)

Hello there! Remember how I talk, in one of my previous posts, about how I really wanted to make a haul post because I ordered some stuff off the internet? Well, ta-daa! I officially received all of them and I am so freaking excited that I am now able to show them all to you! I am also going to provide you with all of the links so that you may check the products out if ever you are interested! Without further delay, let’s get started!

B for Bookmarks!


I love bookmarks. So when I had the opportunity to purchase some… Well, I did 😀 I am in love with the Celaena bookmark, which I have yet to use but will soon do, and the snowflake is so cute *o*

clothes C for Clothes!

Now it’s the clothes’ turn! I love wearing loose shirts and dresses! And recently I have been obsessed with lace and crochet… So needless to say that I absolutely had to buy clothes with lace decorations! And I must admit I am rather proud of my purchases 😉

(click on the picture to see it in full size! Also, excuse my horrible lighting -_- it was in the afternoon and the sun was long gone…)

bagsB for… wait… Have you said “bags”?

Okay so, of course I had to buy some bags 🙂 but here the story is a bit complicated… See… My mom and I fell in love with the same bag (top picture) so she bought it for both of us to use… As to the second one, I think it’s okay-ish and I use to go to Uni because it’s really big and has lots of pockets inside 🙂 (same story: my mom bought it for both of us to use)

(click on the picture for the full size! Also, I used a filter so the pictures do not reflect the actual colours…)

S for… ugh who cares? SHOES!!!shoes

The shoes part? It actually wasn’t planned. My mom was browsing for heels she could wear to go to work and I was here because it was on my laptop, and then I spied these pretties and my mom was like, “okay then” ^^ my mom is da best 😀 she also prompted me to buy my first pair of heels (because I am more of a platform shoes girl) so I chose something classy 🙂

necklaces Jewellery because I can

I am in my necklace craze, which means that, recently, I have been searching a lot for retro-styled and fandom-styled and galaxy-themed necklace. This time I decided to buy this layered leaf necklace (which is a first for me because I am not the layer necklace type of girl), this galaxy necklace (which I am totally in love with ) and this owl necklace because… Do I need reasons to buy things? 😉

Also, a ring


No reason or whatsoever… It was just nice… *link*

And last but not least…! The totally random stuff part collage_20151028150316458_20151028150349955You guys should have known this part was going to show up sooner or later 😉 Yes, I admit it; I love buying random stuff. The main reason being that they just happen to be totally cute or very handy. Most of the time, both. Also, there were a bunch of them which I needed. And I do not have self-control when I am online… Filling up my cart… With the intention of buying everything… *le sigh*

And… I AM DOOOONE!!! This was my non-exciting internet haul for you people! I actually ordered more things, but more than half weren’t even for me, so… Anyway, I’ll see you soon with another post! Love you all ❤

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