Random Friday! Ordering Online (and my thoughts about it)

Today this post is going to be a bookish discussion as well as a random friday post. I wanted to make this post a discussion but then I realised that it can applies to non-bookish stuff as well, so here it is, under the Random Friday! meme.

So last month I posted about how I order a lot of things recently, let it be clothes, shoes or books. (Check out the post here!) I love ordering stuff, and I love the fact that it is possible for them to come to my country even more – my country being super small and in a vast ocean.

The thing is, they don’t always come intact. And everytime that happens, it makes me cringe. Whether the products have been damaged before they left their countries of origin or on the way to my local post office, it’s never something acceptable.

Take books for example. I usually order from book depository because of the free shipping they offer. And even if some of their books are more expensive than their usual price, I’ll still pick up books from them because on the overall, it’s cheaper for me than amazon. The books usually come in perfect conditions, and I’ve only got some issues with them twice. The first time was in early February this year. My parents bought me the new UK bloomsbury edition of Harry Potter, and I was very excited to go fetch them from the central post office. When I got back home to take a look at my books, I realised that the cover of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was torn.

hp tornI was a little upset about it, so I emailed them and two weeks later, I received a replacement copy (well, actually i received a second box set so now I have 2 of each 😅). Same with my copy of Queen of Shadows. While reading I found out that one of the pages was torn. I emailed them and, 2 weeks ago, I received my replacement copy.

qos page tornOtherwise all the other books came in excellent condition. And even if I have some orders which came damaged, I love the fact that book depository always strive to make their customers happy and satisfied by providing an amazing service. Unfortunately, that’s not the case everywhere.

Last year was where my online adventure began. It all started on ebay. My mother and I bought a lot of jewellery, as well as stationary supplies. And while most of the time we were happy to get our products, sometimes we had some problems; goods arrived damaged, mistaken, or they never came. I don’t know how many messages I sent to the different sellers on there, and most of the time all I got was a little refund. Over time, it discouraged me to order things on there.

3 or 4 months ago, while looking up for clothes on facebook, I stumbled across someone selling shirts. I don’t know how it happened, but I found myself on aliexpress, crearing an account and adding clothes on my new wishlist. After convincing my mom for days, she finally relented and we bought quite a number of clothes, which, compared to Mauritian prices, were indeed much cheaper. The first ones that came were okay: they fit and came as good as new. And when my turn came to receive what I have ordered, what I feared happened: one of the shirts came damaged.

aliexpress shirtAfter opening a dispute and sending a few messages, we finally agreed to receive a refund and everyone was satisfied. The same problem arose twice; one when instead of a dress I received a top, and when with one my mom’s pair of heels. Otherwise the products came in really good condition, so I have nothing more to add to that.

Even though I prefer buying things that are sold here in Mauritius I cannot deny the fact that there’s a greater variety of products which are sold at a better price on the internet. And though I sometimes go online out of pure necessity (*cough*books*cough*) I quickly find myself with a cart which contains too many things ^^’

What about you? Can you relate? Are you an online shopper or not? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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