5 Books/Series That Got Me Into Reading

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For today’s post I thought that it would be nice to share my first readings with you guys! Technically, these weren’t my first reads; let’s just say that these books were part of my transition from middle-grade books to YA. Back at that time, I didn’t buy books. Rather, I took them at the school library (it was a public school, so the books weren’t updated and they had many old and not interesting books -_- Thank you FS4G!!! ) and I downloaded them on my phone. (aaah, it was the java technology back in the days *sniff sniff* I feel old now XD ) So, I was in Form 3 (hmmm I was 14) and my school library had miraculously received new books, so naturally, my friend and I dived for them. It was The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith. And because we were badasses like that, we read the first 4 books in no particular order or whatsoever XD In between them, I also read the first volume(that is, the first two books) of The Last Vampire by Christopher Pike, and at that time, I loved it so much! I remember that Twilight (the movie) had already been released and I think that we were on Eclipse or Breaking Dawn – Part 1, but for some reason, I never felt attracted to the books or movie, so I never read them and never watched the rest of the movie besides the first and second one. Anyway, I was addicted to vampires, so I quite read a lot of… “vampire literature”.

1. The NightWorld Series by Lisa Jane Smith

I remember reading and loving these! My absolute favourite was Daughters of Darkness and I loved Ash Redfern! Still waiting for the last book, Strange Fate, to be released. It’s been, what? Almost 6 years now? -_-

2. The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine

I read up to Kiss of Death and then my phone broke. Unfortunately, I never could go back to this world because I lost the urge to reading vampire books. But I remember loving every single book and wanting Shane as my book boyfriend ❤ Maybe one day I’ll go back and read them all again 😉

3. The Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent

*note: I read all of the books in french and the novellas (3 last in the picture)  in english

I am happy to say that I am the proud owner of these books here 🙂 Again, I read all of the books but the last, mostly because by the time I got a copy,3 years had passed and I forgot a lot of things. Mostly, I skimmed through it but never really “read” it as such. But as I already own them, I know I can get through them whenever I feel like 🙂 Besides, aren’t these covers gorgeous? I love the cover for the last book! Her dress *o*

4. The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

Yes. I am one of those weird people who has read The Kane Chronicles before Percy Jackson. I actually read The Heroes of Olympus before Percy Jackson, so… Anyway. I remember my friend lending me her book when I was in Form 4, before chemistry tuition, and reading it during the second term holidays. And I loved everything about this. Next thing I knew, I’ve searched for the sequel and eagerly waiting year after year to read the second and third book.

5. Old Magic by Marianne Curley

How could I write a post and not mention this book? I read Old Magic back in 2010 during the second term holidays and I swear, this book was my favourite thing for the rest of the year! I’ve already re-read it 3 times now, and it’s been on my wishlist for way too long. Definitely a favourite of mine!

And there you have it! These are some of the books which have definitely marked me in a way and which have encouraged me to go forward to discover new genres. If it wasn’t for these books, I never would have find my way to goodreads, fan pages on facebook and later on, blogs 🙂

What about you? Which books or series got you into reading? Tell me in the comments below!

See you all soon ❤

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5 thoughts on “5 Books/Series That Got Me Into Reading

  1. Harry Potter is definitely in my list, along with Warm Bodies and Fallen by Lauren Kate. I loved that book when it first came out! But The Other Boleyn Girl and The Pillars of the Earth were the books that really fueled my reading passion as a teenager.

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      1. The Fallen series isn’t that great its really not, for some odd reason I love the first one, I think its the way its written but the series lost a lot of appeal. I highly recommend The Pillars of the Earth its just amazing, and so well done, Ken Follet is amazing.

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