Hello there people! I wrote a guest post for Sanovia – who’s amazing by the way 😀 – and I really wanted to share it with you! So here it is! Don’t forget to check out Sanovia’s blog, she’s so nice ^_^


Add some spice to your reading moment!

Hello everyone! I’m Mel from Dat Little Blog and today I’m briefly taking over CreatyveBooks. Sanovia very nicely asked me if I wanted to write a guest post, and I happily accepted 😁

As book lovers, I think we can all agree on something: give us a book and we’ll be happy. I’m not denying it. A book, a story, a world is all we need to feel warm and at peace. There’s nothing better than staying in your bed and read all day on a grey and rainy day. But there are ways to make our reading experience… Well… Better, if such a thing can happen. And here I am going to list some of these awesome stuff that we can do 📚

📗 warm and cosy, you said?

Reading a book is amazing, but do you know which is more amazing?…

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