Acne, Asthma, and Other Signs You Might Be a Half Dragon by Rena Rocford | Book Review

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Allyson fights acne, not trolls. As an inhaler-carrying member of the asthma society, she just wants to meet the father who turned her mother into a paranoid, move-across-the-nation freak. Now she’s trying to fit in at yet another school, but for the first time in her life, she has a best friend, Beth. When Allyson accidentally spits fire at kidnappers in the mall, she realizes why her father isn’t in the picture: she’s half dragon. Her acne? Emerging scales. Her asthma? The side effects of her dragon’s fire breath. Instead of freaking out, unflappable Beth reveals her own troll heritage and explains how things work with the supernatural creatures hiding within the modern world of smartphones and skyscrapers.

When trolls kidnap a unicorn, Beth gets blamed. Allyson is determined to prove Beth’s innocence and keep her friend off the unicorn chopping block. When they start looking for the kidnappers, they get a call from the last person they expect: Allyson’s father. He tries to warn them off, but he’s been put under a spell by the kidnappers to keep the victims from escaping. Nothing short of death can stop him. Now Allyson must choose between killing the father she’s always dreamed of, or letting her best friend die for a crime she didn’t commit.


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Thank you netgalley for giving me a copy in exchange of a honest review!

Fine, I admit: the main reason I requested is that the title drew me in. You can’t deny that it gets you all curious, right? Well, after seeing the gorgeous cover, the funny title and the very interesting synopsis, I thought; “Why not? It may be a nice fun ride.” It was a ride alright. Not that I enjoyed it.

The plot was okay. It was interesting and I did wanted to know how it was all going to play out, but unfortunately, it didn’t suck me in. At all. I read the first chapters and thought, “damn, I am sure this is going to be fun, let’s keep on reading.” I read and read, thinking that, by one point, I was going to really like it and invest myself in the story. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. By the end of the book, I was still debating whether or not I actually liked it.

The characters were flat. The writing was flat. The romance was flat. Everything felt flat and unnatural and forced. I couldn’t like or dislike any of the characters; as they were mostly there only for the sake of the story. A lot of things didn’t add up, and the way everything went “okay” at the end was too rushed. I wanted to know more about some of the characters. I wanted to see how their relationship would evolve. And when the romance kicked in, I wanted some real chemistry, not the typical “oh mi gawd he’s so cute I wanna.” Ugh please. No.

Yes, I read the whole thing, and yes, there was humour, action, fantasy… Everything I like in a good book. And yet, it was wrongly set up. The author had the perfect ingredients; an interesting plot and attractive characters, but somewhere, everything went wrong. And it’s such a shame.

Does this book deserve its 3 stars? I don’t know. I still think that it might have been better, so here’s that. But one thing is sure, I am very disappointed with what looked like a nice adventure.

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