2016 Reading Goals

Ohayo guys! We are now in 2016, and as such most of us have set themselves new goals for this new year. I myself am not a great fan of so-called “resolutions”, mostly because I never manage to follow them, but something I seem to be following each year without fail is my reading goal.

Last year, I initially put my goal to 100. Then moved it to 150 after realising that I have surpassed my goal in May already. Then moved it to 160. 170. 185. I ended up putting my goal to 200, and read 204 books last year. That’s a lot, even for me. But I know how I managed to read that lot. One word only; manga. This year was the first I actually tried out manga. And if I have read more than 100 volumes already, it means it was, indeed, a very good experience.

While some of them were manga adaptations of classics, it remains that I read quite a number of mangas! Attack on Titan, Noragami, The Seven Deadly Sins, Seraph of End, Fairy Tail, Magi: Sinbad no Bouken… 

I have mostly been able to read all these books because I was in a “prolonged holiday”, and stayed home from mid-November, after the exams, to July, until i went to Uni. So yes, I had a looooot of free time and thus was able to do a lot of reading, and also concentrate more on my instagram and created this blog. This year is going to be different. Reason number one is, because of my courses. I’ll have exams to take part in at the end of the semester and thus won’t be able to read that much compared to last year. Which is why I lowered my goal to 100 books this year. (and I am already 1 book behind of schedule. Oh well 😉 )

2016 reading challenge

Reason number two is, I have decided to focus more on my writing than my reading. I have decided this year to take part in NaNoWriMo and I am already outlining my story, as I have a lot of plot holes everywhere. I am not sure if I am going to turn into a Grimm retelling or it will be an original fantasy/sci-fi story. I’ll have to look into that. But yes, I am determined to improve my writing skills this year and thus I will read less.

Reason number three is, I will change my degree. I will not re-enrol to my current degree this year as I will move towards the translations studies. I am now determined to be a translator, specifically in the publication industry, as I am already bilingual and I know it will be better for me to work surrounded by books than in the legal field. So I am going to do a lot of translations during the holidays to practice a bit. Which brings me to reason number four, I am going to learn a third language, for translations reasons. I know I will need to learn a third language for my master degree so I am already preparing myself and will start spanish soon.

So you must ask yourself, “how will I be able to read 100 books?” I have decided to divide my challenge into 3 parts; the arcs, mangas, and actual books that I want to read. I have decided to read 50 volumes of manga this year, and maybe I’ll read more, I don’t know. As to the arcs, I have decided to read less of them and to focus on physical books rather than electronic ones. Which is why I will buy a little more books than last year.

Also, I majorly failed the PopSugar challenge last year, so I don’t know if I’ll be taking it again this year. Maybe just for the fun of doing it 😀

And that is it for my reading goals this year! What about you? What are your goals for 2016? And not just your reading ones 😉

I hope you’re having a great day! Or night, like me. Love you all!

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8 thoughts on “2016 Reading Goals

  1. Good luck with your book 🙂 I kinda failed at NaNo last year and I’m still thinking whether or not to participate this year. I think it’s great that you now know for sure what you want to study. The course switch can only be for the best. So, good luck with that and with learning Spanish. I’m also not doing the Popsugar challenge this year. Last year I tried and it was honestly pathetic XD

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    1. Hehe thank you! I really want to try NaNo this year because I created my account last year but couldn’t come with a single idea! I hope exams won’t get in the way! Me too! I am just going to look at the challenge and choose some to do XD


  2. I want to write more this year too, BUT I also want to read more, and blog more… There is too much that I want to do. I set my goodreads goal to 100. I am a slow reader and read a lot of large books (around 500 pages usually), so maybe I’ll get there, but I won’t be too terribly disappointing if I don’t. Good luck on all of your goals!

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  3. OMG!!!! Good luck with you book. I will be your personal cheerleader. What type of book are you thinking of writing? Also, I haven’t read The Seven Deadly Sins but I did watch the anime. I wonder if it’s completely different. Have you watched/read Haikyu!!? I’m not into sports anime but my goodness I just fell in love with this anime. The character development is the best I’ve seen in such a long time. And let me stop before I write a whole essay in your comments lol.

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    1. Hehe thank you your comment just hyped me up to move my ass more! XD I was thinking of a sci-fi one, but I am still not sure… will keep you updated! The anime and the manga are not really different, they only changed the background of one character if I remember correctly… But even though that they are pretty similar. Oh my god I was just on goodreads and Haikyu was in my recommendations! Will definitely check it out! 😀 Thank you ❤

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      1. I know you’re not sure but sci-fi is something that needs to be seen more in YA. Regardless what genre you choose to do you know my ass will read it.

        Awesome I hope you enjoy Haikyu as much as I do. Seriously, you can’t help but love and root for those boys 🙂

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