Things That Help Me Write

Ohayo! Today as I was pinning images for my story, I thought, “hey, why not write about what helps me when I’m writing?” so… TA-DAAA! Here I am going to talk about those little things that stimulate my imagination and help me shape my plot and characters!

5. Anime

I love anime. Particularly those with lots of action scenes and nice weapons, because I am sucker for everything cool-weapons-and-ass-kicking. And you find a lot of cool weapons and ass kicking in anime. Cool weapons?

giant hammer yassss  

Check. Action scenes?


Check. Have I mentioned the powers and abilities?


And… I think you got it by now. Animes are awesome.

4. Books

You can’t try writing a book without being inspired by another one. Only my opinion, but I think that we are all inspired by a particular book or story we have read, and that some of our stories are a “what if this has happened instead?” I have a lot of “if”s written somewhere 😉

Also, sometimes we are inspired by the setting of a particular story and we want to not really reproduce it, but change it to make it our own. Or create another one based on it. Don’t forget to let your imagination run wild and to be original!

3. Soundtrack Music

Believe it or not, but soundtrack music is really of a big help to me. Especially movie soundtracks, anime soundtracks and game soundtracks. Oh, and anything by Audiomachine and Two Steps From Hell. In terms of anime music, I love tracks from Hiroyuki Sawano, and recently, Kajiura Yuki and Keiji Inai. Whenever I listened to a track I think about a particular scene that could happen and then proceed to briefly write about it. Or I associate different songs to different moods or characters. Or I slowly make up a playlist to help me write. You know, things like that. 😀

itunes playlist

2. Pinterest

Ah, pinterest. Where would I have been without you? It started first as an account where I could pin pretty jewellery, and months later I made lots of boards for different stories or inspiration for stories I’ll think about later. One thing is sure, on pinterest you can find everything. I even found how my characters would be like and how my setting is going to be like and it makes everything so exciting! I even made a board for the story I am thinking of writing this year, so you can check it out of you want. Remember, nothing in here is final!

1. Evernote

And finally! The last invaluable tool that I discovered a week ago! Evernote! I don’t see myself working without now 😀 It’s so great! You can tag your notes and sort them into different notebooks. Moreover you can add pictures as you write, and that’s truly amazing and helpful. I only save my pictures from pinterest, then use them again in evernote (mostly because I think you can’t import them directly). Moreover you can edit your notes whenever you’re on your phone or on your PC, and that’s great!

evernote notebooks

And… I already have some pictures for the setting of my story! Iiiiik!

I am still indecisive about the title and the plot, but I feel like I am moving on, so yay!

So that is it! What helps you when you write? Tell me in the comments below!

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