God Eater | Anime Review

[This is a review for the episodes which have already been released, that is episodes 1 to 9]

What It Is About73852

Anime adaptation of Bandai Namco’s PSP action game series “God Eater.”

Set in a post-apocalyptic Japan in the year 2071. The world has been mostly destroyed by mysterious monsters known as the Aragami. An organization known as Fenrir was made to exterminate Aragami using ‘God Arcs’, weapons made from Aragami cells. Those who specialize in exterminating Aragami are known as God Eaters. Their God Arcs originally could only keep a single form, however a new type has been discovered that can switch between gun and blade form. Since then, they have been classified new-types and the previous as old-types.



4 stars

My Thoughts About It

I stumbled across this anime while desperately searching for something to watch before going back to Uni, and since I was done with it, I was scratching my head for ways to review this very original anime.

When I say “original”, I do not mean the plot. A dystopian Japan full of monsters looks to be the current trend in anime; but I’m not here to complain as I am sucker for dystopias. Mostly because dystopian animes involve characters wielding awesome weapons, and I love awesome weapons. That’s an unhealthy obsession of mine.

Isn’t that right Shinoa?

Back to what I was saying. What I found really original was the art style used – the animation. It looks like anime without looking like anime, but, personally, I think it’s simply gorgeous.


The characters were each interesting, with their own loads of crappy or traumatic childhood, which made them quite okay 🙂 Fine, they were more than okay. They really were some fine characters. The main character, Lenka, was himself pretty darn fine. He doesn’t consider himself special, but the sole thing he wants to do is to destroy Aragami. Why? We don’t know. He is one of the only characters we don’t know much about his past. Despite that he is a suitable main character; he learns quickly even though he is a bit too much of a “I-will-not-let-others-die” type. See what I mean?


The other characters, especially Alisa and Rindou, are characters I am the most looking forward to when the last episodes are going to be aired.

Although the plot line is a bit used up, I always enjoy a good dystopian anime filled with monsters and action. What I really like about this particular anime is that, from time to time, we are given a little flashback into how was the world before the Aragami, and as the flashbacks progress, we are lead to think that the appearance of Aragami is quite suspect. People are not who they seem to be, and I can say that I am really excited to see where this is all going to lead.

Why I Listen To It

From what I have heard so far, the soundtrack is pretty decent. I like the music and I am looking forward to get my hands on it. Also, I am in love with the opening! I haven’t skipped a single one while I was watching! Yup, it was that good 😉

How about you? Do you plan to give God Eater a try? Or have you already watched it? Tell me in the comments below!

Stay awesome! ❤

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2 thoughts on “God Eater | Anime Review

  1. I’m a sucker for dystopian too! 😀 I was surprised to know that this anime released already, I was checking out the spring anime releases for this year and saw God Eater in the list, I didn’t know it was the second part! 😅
    Nice review! I am thinking of watching this anime now, since its dystopian and all (and can I say I absolutely love your gif of Shinoa?)

    Liked by 1 person

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