5 Facts About Me [Birthday Edition]

Ohayo people! Today’s the 25th, and IT’S MY BIRTHDAY HECK YEAH!!! I turned 20 today and I don’t know if I am supposed to feel old or adult or anything, but right now all I want to do is play Dragon City and Criminal Case all night long. Yup. Still not ready to be an adult.

thoughful google
Google’s really thoughtful… 😀

So to celebrate my birthday I thought of doing a “5 Facts About Me” post! I have realised that it is my first time celebrating my birthday online, as I started my blog last year in February, so this will be new to me 😛

Birthday Shelfie!


1. I am from a lil island

Okay so maybe I have already said that once or twice (or more) but I live in Mauritius, an island which is found in the Indian Ocean. Right now it’s Summer, so the temperature reaches up to 30 degrees (especially at Uni) and I would trade anything for us to go back in Winter. Oh, there are beaches almost everywhere. And sea. And I don’t know how to swim. I tried to learn once buuut… Nope.


2. I play games. A lot.

No, I am not one of those people who send you requests in game. I mean, I won’t send you requests if I see that you haven’t been active for quite a while or if I don’t know you personally. Actually, me sending requests is a last resort. I usually play facebook games such as Dragon City, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Criminal Case and I may be a bit addicted to them. Maybe too much. So if I don’t blog, that means that I either have too much homework, or I am busy breeding a dragon or beating the Jelly Queen.


3. I like French

I am one of those rare people at Uni who enjoys doing french more than english. I am fluent in both french and english, but for me french is just the go-language. We currently have one module in french and most of my friends are stressing out because they suck at grammar. And I feel left out because I don’t have any problems with the grammar or speaking in french. And I think that I enjoy so much that I am determined next year to do french instead. Oh, and I am currently a first year in Law and Criminal Justice. Interesting, but too much theory for me x_x sorry

4. I am the eldest… everywhere

I am the eldest “child” at home as well as among my cousins. Which has its benefits as well as its drawbacks. Everyone’s expecting a lot of me and I am here like, “…why?” But I get to annoy my cousins and I am the godmother of my smallest cousin, which is one of the best things ever.

20160125_163648 20160125_163720

5. I like trying out new creative things

I wanted to learn how to play the violin, so I learned for 4 and a half years (but I forgot a lot so… I must get back to it asap!). I suck at painting, so I do my best at colouring and drawing. I love to search for DIYs, especially paper art DIYs (’cause they are amazing you know) and I am still trying to learn some basics in photo editing. Right now I am into character aesthetics (which I am going to upload on my tumblr!) and doing them is so fun! So yeah, everything which involves music, or crafts, or even photo editing; let’s just say that I freaking love all of these ❤

And that is it! I will see you all soon for a new post! Love you all ❤

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19 thoughts on “5 Facts About Me [Birthday Edition]

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEL! 🙂 I love french too, but I am not quite fluent (I’m only in French 2 at the High School level). Thanks for all of the awesome facts. You are really cool.

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