My Favourites of the Month! [January 2016]

Technically we have been in February since… what? 4 days? But it’s okay… I have things to talk about :p

First, DAMN YOU UNI! I am currently in my second semester which means TESTS AND PRESENTATIONS AND ASSIGNMENTS OVERLOAD AND I CAN’T! I have a lot of crappy things to currently deal with right now so I will try my best to keep my blog updated. Though I won’t make any promises. And maybe it means that I will go back to writing tons of scheduled posts. We shall see how this will go. But right now… It’s pretty crappy -_-

Then… I just got my results online AND I PASSED IN PUBLIC LAW HECK YEAH! Though my results aren’t that good (and my mom is really disappointed but I personally don’t care much because I got my credits and anyway I’ll do another degree next semester so… But still. My mom is mad that I got such low marks…) and the module was really annoying, I am happy that I passed in it. This means I haven’t been revising in vain. *thumbs up*

Okay, now more about the really great things that happened this month.


So of course I had to mention it somewhere :3 January is my birthday month and this year I turned 20. I did not get books (unfortunately 😦 ) but I got a lot of envelopes that I will save to buy books. I do have some new and future releases in mind 😉 Also, I think my dad forgot what he was supposed to buy me so I will have to remind him tonight. ^^’ But I had a really great time and CAKE YEAH!!!

2. I Read 20 Books But…

I mean, 20 books in one month is great, right? Except that, among the 20 books, 18 were mangas, and 1 was a comic book, so… Technically, I read only 1 book. *sigh* How disappointing. I honestly don’t know how it happened, but I really want to get more reading done this month, so, gotta try harder!


3. Inuyasha, sit!!!

I started watching Inuyasha after seeing some meme on facebook, and it was really a good decision! What I love about this show is that it doesn’t the amount of fan service present in almost most animes today and the story is really great so far! Though the only thing that is getting on my nerve is that freaking love triangle. That one is really, really annoying and frustrating.


4. I am obsessed with mobile casings :p

I recently got a new phone (okay, it’s been 1 month now so it’s not that recent anymore), which means that I had to buy myself some casings. I ordered 6 and up to now only 3 came. Also, I won’t show you what they look like because I have a haul post idea so… 😉

5. I Started Playing Other Games (aka, I am really hopeless)

Social Point (the guys who developed Dragon City) has a new game out which involves food so of course, I had to try it out. Actually, it started as an excuse to get more gems but I finally ended up playing it… a lot. Also, as I was taking a break from Criminal Case, I downloaded Agent Alice which is basically the same thing except it involves paranormal forces. So of course. I am now more than addicted to Agent Alice and I like it so much more than Criminal Case now!


And… I think that’s all 😉 How was your month? I’d love to know all about it!

See you soon! ❤

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2 thoughts on “My Favourites of the Month! [January 2016]

  1. Congrats for your results. So long you passed, the grades don’t matter XD Trust me, I’m talking from experience LOL. Besides you’ll be switching courses so it really does not matter anyway 🙂 Have a great February ^^

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