So I Tried This… [My Writing Adventure #2]

Heyo peeps! It’s been a while since I last visited the fabulous world of blogs, and I feel mad. Specifically, I’m mad at myself for having not a proper time management *sigh* I suck at time management.

Anyway, today I wanted to write a bit about my current story-in-the-works. While I still don’t have a plot, I have a title! Ladies and gentlemen… “Chronicles of a Spatial World”!

I know! It screams “not creative” so loudly! Actually, I really want to make it into a series (maybe a duology or a trilogy – even though I still don’t have a plot *face palm*) so you can say that this title is going to apply more as the title of the series…?

Up until yesterday, I had a cast of characters but I thought it over today so the characters have changed. I really want it to be a sci-fi but I have a lot of fantasy elements so… Is sci-fi/fantasy a thing? Yes? No? Well… It can be my thing :p

I recently discovered “We Heart It” and gosh! I can’t live without it right now! Mostly because it’s thanks to this app that I am trying out this thing called “aesthetics”. You know what character aesthetics are, right? Basically, they are a set (or collage) of pictures that represent a particular character or an element in a book/TV show/movie… Well, I think you got the picture. I love aesthetics. Specifically, other people’s aesthetics. And you can find a lot of them of tumblr. Anyway, back to the subject of this post; I tried out some aesthetics for my characters. I did some (for 2-3 characters) but this one is currently my favourite.

This is one of my characters, Raquel Marquez. She is a story teller (not going to elaborate on that 😉 ) and she is one of those characters I am sure to keep! I am going to post more of my future (mostly weird-as-hell) aesthetics on tumblr so you can follow me if you want to see more of them 😉 Also, my username is you-poor-mortal. I thought it was a great username. I still think so. XD

I am still stuck to the plot/characterisation part and I am happy to say that my setting is *almost* complete. I may write a post about the setting and characterisation later on 🙂

Also, any writers here? How do you deal with the whole “I-want-to-write-something-but-I-don’t know-exactly-what” phase? It’s so frustrating! ugh! Please, give me some help, sensei!

And… that is it! Do you like this kind of writing updates? Do you want me to do more or them? Also, do you know (and love) aesthetics? I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts!

I hope you are all having a great week!

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