Well… This Is Awkward…(My Blog Is 1…?)

Hello there people of the blogosphere! It’s me! Mario!

Well, not really. It’s not Mario… šŸ˜… But I am back today with a post that I hope will clear some stuff on my messy blog. Oh, and I know that the featured image has absolutely nothing to do with the post. It’s just… I like this image… A lot…

First, I am very sorry for my absence. I am saying this because neglecting my blog was not on my agenda, so I am feeling like I am messing up. And that’s one of the worst feeling ever šŸ˜£ Clearly, Uni life is taking over my life and it looks like I am not struggling hard enough to get it back… šŸ˜© I have so many notes to search for and tests to revise for and assignments to do and presentations to prepare that… Ugh! All of this, at the same time, is hellish šŸ˜« and exhausting. So I thought that I might as well work with it until it gets better… if it ever does.

I had this schedule of posting something each 2 days. And right now, this is not working at all. So I thought that I might post something whenever I get the time. Clearly, right now is not the best time to think out of my little “revisions-assignments-notes-homework” box so until I am a little more free, I guess I may have to take a break.

Then, I am having much time to read at all. I am on my second book of february for 2 weeks now and even though the book looks really nice, I can’t seem to get any reading done. It looks like my brain is preoccupied with other things (*coughs* tests *coughs*) so I can’t seem to concentrate on anything besides lecture notes, which means that I’ll probably go back to posting reviews next week.

Also, concerning my blog, I am thinking of making some changes. I am pretty happy about how it looks right now, but I was thinking of posting more not book-related stuff. I mean, I am not going to stop posting non bookish stuff; it’s just that I have been thinking that, as it is my blog, I can post what I like… Right? Which is why I have been wanting for days now to make new categories and just sort everything out about how I am going to play this out.

Oh, and my blog is now 1. WOOHOO! Actually, it has turned 1 since the 13th, but I guess I was too busy to actually wrote a post about it, but I am thinking of doing a Q & A. Do you think it’ll be a good idea? Anyway, I’ll also post about that too later, so don’t worry about it.

And… I think that it’s all I wanted to say…? This coming week is going to be crazy so you may not see any update at all but that doesn’t mean that I have forgotten this blog! If possible, I would like this blog to last forever! I also have quite a number of drafts so I am excited to go back to the marvellous world of blogs.

Oh, and I am supposed to do some research for my assignment so Imma stop there ^^’

Anyway, I hope you’re all fine! I’ll see you soon marvellous people!

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11 thoughts on “Well… This Is Awkward…(My Blog Is 1…?)

  1. Happy blog anniversary hehe ^_^ It’s absolutely fine to take a break from your blogging schedule every now and then. I also had a hard time posting on time during my last semester of uni so I totally understand you. Don’t be too stressed about it šŸ˜‰ Also, looking forward to all the new stuff you’ve got plan for your blog šŸ™‚

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  2. Happy blogoversary! I completely understand you; I have no idea how I’m supposed to combine blogging and college šŸ˜­ Don’t worry though, none of us will leave if you don’t have the time to post for a while šŸ™‚ And yes you should post whatever you want! It’s your blog after all. I’m looking forward to the new stuff ^-^ Also: MY CABBAGES

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