My Favourites of The Month! (February 2016 Edition)

Heyo guys! *gasps* Is it March already??? I feel like this month went by in the blink of an eye! This month was very lazy and hard at the same time, mainly because I had a lot of things to do for Uni, thus neglecting my reading and my blog. BUT!! I am in the process of getting my shit together, so, bring it on, March!!!


This is going to be a short wrap up because I think I didn’t do much besides revising and making notes, but nonetheless, let’s talk about it!

100 Episodes!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this girl here has successful watched 100 episodes of InuYasha in-between times of complete madness! Yay! I have only like, 60 episodes something to do and another great story arc just started, but I am really enjoying it!


I read, like… 2 books…?

I did not have any time for reading this month, so my reading during February was really… prout. I am hoping to get more reading done this month though, and my fixing my target to 5. Gotta read! Because I really want to!

I just watched the cutest thing ever!

I just finished watching the last episodes of an anime named “Akagami no Shirayukihime” and it was just the greatest and cutest thing ever. I am not one for romantic animes but this one was so well done and it made me turn into a marshmallow and it was just so, so amazing! I AM ROOTING FOR YOU GUYS! You should all go watch it because it is the best thing ever ❤ Moving on to the second season already and damn, so good!


I made a facebook page!

Granted, there is not much on this page BUT I CREATED ONE, OKAY? Kidding! Creating a facebook page has been on my mind lately and I finally caved in last week. So far, there is only like, 3 pictures on it? Maybe? But I am saving loads of pictures to repost, so don’t forget to like it to stay updated! LIKE IT HERE!!! (I also have a widget on my blog so 😉 )


So, you’re a Mauritian and you have a blog? Then join us at “Zoli Bloguette!” You can use the hashtag to find us on social media, but basically we are a group of Mauritians whose common passion is blogging! I came to know about this group through my friend Soudha (who has an amazing blog by the way) and I couldn’t be more grateful!

New Featured images?

You just have noticed that there has been a change concerning the featured images. Before, I used my instagram images and blurred them, to then write which blog title I needed to. So… what was changed? Nothing and everything XD I now use Canva to create the images and I couldn’t be happier! The end result looks so neat and pretty *o* I still use my own pictures as the background and the whole process of choosing fonts and etc is different yet amazing.

And… that is it! These are the “exciting” things I did this month! What about you? What have you done this month which you can qualify as “exciting”? XD Tell me in the comments below! See you all soon!

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