Q and A?

Hello guys! Remember my post where I babble about my blog turning 1? (It’s here) Well, I have finally decided to do something to celebrate my blog’s first anniversary! I cannot do a giveaway right now (though it has been on my mind) but instead I thought, “why not do a Q and A?” I have never done a Q and A before so that will be new! *jumps everywhere*

The ocean stirsthe heart, inspiresthe imagination& brings eternaljoy to the soul

Basically, all you have to do is post as many random questions as you want, and I’ll pick some (or all of them) to answer! I think that’s pretty straightforward 🙂 You can ask questions about everything you want and as many as you want, and I’ll answer them in another post in one/two weeks 🙂

So… that is it? That’s all I wanted to say for today, but I am beyond excited for this *weird giggling sounds*

See you all soon, and stay awesome!

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5 thoughts on “Q and A?

  1. What’s your favorite dessert?
    Where do you read?
    What is the most books you have ever read at one time?
    When you are not reading or doing anything book/blog related, what are you doing? (Hobbies, etc.)

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  2. Such a great idea!! Here are my questions for you:
    – What is your favorite disney m,ovie?
    – If you could be a superhero/villain, which power would you have and what would be your name?
    – Weirdest experience you ever had.
    – Which fictional world would you love to live in?

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