Q and A?

Hello guys! Remember my post where I babble about my blog turning 1? (It’s here) Well, I have finally decided to do something to celebrate my blog’s first anniversary! I cannot do a giveaway right now (though it has been on my mind) but instead I thought, “why not do a Q and A?” I have never done a Q and A before so that will be new! *jumps everywhere*

The ocean stirsthe heart, inspiresthe imagination& brings eternaljoy to the soul

Basically, all you have to do is post as many random questions as you want, and I’ll pick some (or all of them) to answer! I think that’s pretty straightforward 🙂 You can ask questions about everything you want and as many as you want, and I’ll answer them in another post in one/two weeks 🙂

So… that is it? That’s all I wanted to say for today, but I am beyond excited for this *weird giggling sounds*

See you all soon, and stay awesome!

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5 thoughts on “Q and A?

  1. Such a great idea!! Here are my questions for you:
    – What is your favorite disney m,ovie?
    – If you could be a superhero/villain, which power would you have and what would be your name?
    – Weirdest experience you ever had.
    – Which fictional world would you love to live in?

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