I AM ALIVE! (lil’ update)

Hellooooo people of the blogosphere! I hope you are all fine and that everything is okay! I admit it: it’s been a while since I last sat with my laptop drafting a blog post. This month has been hellish. Literally. It was packed with assignment and presentations and tests and… I am sure the lecturers have conspired to make our life miserable during March. It’s the only explanation I am giving myself, okay?


Remember my Q and A post? It’s the last thing I have posted before going on an unexpected hiatus, so don’t forget to check that out! I am finally answering all of your questions and the post should be up by Saturday :3

Also, I realised that I have drafted quite a number of posts so I’ll make sure to schedule them up.

Besides all the work I had to do for Uni, and besides reading nothing at all this month (I know, I am a miserable person), I did try some things out. Today I tried out lasagna for the first time, and it was a bit dry and hard on the edges(I did not add the bechamel, and I now realise it was a horrible mistake!) but otherwise eatable. I also ordered more phone cases during AliExpress’ 6th birthday (I will have 10 phone cases now. I am officially hopeless… ^^’ ) and I aced my presentation in Droit Civil (which is a module taught in french and I am not used to talk about in french in front of my fellow law students in Uni. School was way.. different.) in spite of trembling like a madman and dancing like a child. Hmm… also… Did I mention that I have a facebook page? Like, for my blog? You can like it here! And I also discovered that there was a Harry Potter fanclub at Uni. And I was like, “what the hell I am not aware of such important things???”


And… that’s it…? Anyway, thank you for reading my nonsensical ramblings, and don’t forget, you are all amazing! ❤

See you all soon!

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