A Mauritian Bookclub…?

Hello guys! I hope you are all fine 😀

So the other day you can say that I got a “flash of inspiration”; I was seeing more and more people opening bookclubs on instagram and I was like, “Heck, that’s so cool! I want a book club too!”. This is when the lightbulb went “ding” and myself, as well as my fellow book lovers and bloggers Kariny and Soudha decided to create a Mauritian Book Club. So far, it’s mostly chaos: we’re only getting started so there’s not much to say besides that if you are a Mauritian and you happen to love reading, then you are the most welcome to join us!

You can send me a message on social media (via instagram or my facebook page, as well as by e-mail: I’m more active using those social networks) to know more details or you can just subscribe to my blog where I will post periodically about the details and so on.

I was thinking that we could do meet-ups and occasionally go book shopping, as well as discuss books we really like and fandoms and OTPs and ships and… Well, I think you get it.

The reason I am announcing this early is because I don’t really know what to call the book club. I’ve made a few suggestions to my book BFFs and we agreed on doing a poll. So all you have to do is to select the name you prefer, or suggest another one you think will fit more.

[if you have any problem on voting please tell me and I’ll try to fix it]

So… that is it for today 🙂 I hope you’re having a great day and that you’re making the most of it! (or you’re procrastinating. Like me. XD ) Anyway, see you soon with a new blog post!

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