I feel like this blog title has been overused, especially in my case, but, HEY GUYS!!! I AM BACK!!!

Firstly I feel horrible for not sticking to a schedule (well, for not making one in the first place) and I really hate myself for not updating my blog as I was doing earlier this year. But you could say that it has been my first trying to cope with a packed semester and exams and, well, I did not handle it very well. But hey, I am on holiday now, so expect a few things to change πŸ˜‰

I remember posting about a Q&A and starting to work on this post, but it got lost among my drafts, so I will get back to it asap. Also, I am currently working on a mauritian book club, and now that I am on holiday, I can fully take care of this little project of mine πŸ˜€

And finally, I can now go back to reading without stressing on homework so expect some reviews coming soon. Also, I am back to using goodreads! Yay me!

To end this little update post, I am currently working on a new design for my blog, so if you see some changes here and there, then it’s totally normal. It feels so good to write a post again, and I am looking forward to stalk you all now! (jk, I don’t normally stalk people. I think… ^^’ )

Love you all beautiful people!
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