Q and A!

Hello there amazing people! ❤ I am here today with a post where I will answer the questions which you have asked one (or is it two months already? Almost three…?) month ago! I am so happy that I am finally able to make this post! 😀 Okay so, without further delay, let’s get started!

> Asked by Soudha from Of Stacks and Cups

“What book do you think really got you into reading?”

I have always read, since I was very small. I got my first book when I was in Standard 1. But I think what triggered my thirst for books is The Nightworld series. Or the Vampire Diaries. Basically, anything by L. J. Smith. I remember being in Form 3 and my friends and I were literally eating the first 4 books in The Vampire Diaries up. Then I discovered ebooks, and my world changed forever XD


> Asked by Urvashi from Summer Love

“What were your favourite 2015 books?”

Last year I read a lot of marvellous and magnificent books *o* I also did a post about them. But I think my absolute favourites were Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I did a review for each book in this series but, gosh, I love those books so much!

fangirl 13206900

> Asked by Michelle from The Writing Hufflepuff

“What book do you wish you could read again for the first time?”

Hmm, that’s a very interesting question :3

I’ll say Percy Jackson. I think all of you must know it by now but I am a huge Percy Jackson fan. (and the movies were so freaking wrong!!!) Seriously, I don’t know what would have happened to me if I did not read this series (well.. maybe I would have been more sane…? XD ) So yes, I would love to read the first adventure of Percy and enjoy every bit of it. Also, I am a proud daughter of Apollo! (though I have a very bad accuracy – I’m nearsighted.)


> Asked by Aubrey from Aubrey’s Book Nook

“What’s your favourite dessert?”



“Where do you read?”

I don’t really have a specific place where I read – I read at University, on my way home in the bus, in the living room, in my brother’s room, in my bed, while I’m sitting next to my desk…If I have a good book then where I read doesn’t really matter 😉


“What is the most books you have read at a time?”

I am  not really good at reading multiple books at a time. Once I tried reading three all at once and couldn’t focus on any single book, so I stopped trying to overdo it and I know read a book at a time. But to those who can read lots of books at a time; gosh, you guys are amazhang *o*

“When you are not reading or doing anything book/blog related, what are you doing? (hobbies, etc.)

I love youtube. And not just booktube and top 10 anime videos. I love videos which are about mysterious discoveries and creepy things. Channels I love include Dark 5, Beyond Science and Hybrid Librarian. I may not look like it but I love mythologies and discoveries and dark and creepy stuff (though most of the time I am not impressed by the creepy stuff I watch/read about). Besides that I am a sucker for everything concerning planners, DIYs, crafts and the like, and now that I am on holiday… Let’s just say that I do a lot of those 🙂

I also pin a lot of things for stories that I will probably write one day once I find the motivation to do so, and I like to try doing desserts and easy cooking stuff (besides boiling water) :3

>Asked by Cath from Trust in the Words

“What is your favorite disney movie?”

I love Aladdin ❤ It was one of my first Disney movie and I adored it to pieces. Maybe not to the point of knowing what every character says, but darn, how I love this movie. Another, maybe not well-known Disney movie than I am obsessed with, is Atlantis, The Lost Empire. We actually own the DVD for this movie and I remember watching it every day after school when I was younger because… it deserved to be watched that many times. The sequel was not that great, but, hey… The movie is so freaking awesome *o*

“If you could be a superhero/villain, which power would you have and what would be your name?”

Hero or villain? That is the question :3 Honestly, I would rather be a neutral character, but I can see myself being an annoying and sarcastic villain… Or an annoying and sarcastic hero… The most important thing is that I get to be annoying and sarcastic 😉 As to the powers, I would love to be able to create illusions! I mean, how cool is that? You can make anyone see anything you want without him being able to notice a thing! That would be so cool 😀


“Weirdest experience you ever had.”

Thinking about it right now, I don’t really see what is the weirdest experience I have ever had. Wait, wait… Hmmm… Nope. Maybe later something will come back to me but right now… Nope… Sorry ^^’
“Which fictional world would you love to live in?”

Ooooh! That is a hard one! I would say Fiore, which is the world where Fairy Tail takes place. Also, I love how magic is represented in this manga because it is so close to what I have always wanted in a magical world :3

And… That is it! I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 Now that I am in holiday I am planning on doing so many things and I am so excited!

See you all soon!



4 thoughts on “Q and A!

  1. Loved your answers! Create illusions seems like an amazing superpower 🙂 And I love Aladdin and Atlantis too, I remember watching the second one like a hundred times just for the fact that it was awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha I’d love to be annoying and sarcastic as well, though I’m not keen on killing people so I’ll be the annoying and sarcastic hero 😛 Then again as a hero you sometimes need to kill people as well… Never mind I’ll be a neutral haha. Being able to create illusions would be so cool though!

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