All about reviews…


Hello amazing people! So as you must have noticed, I’m an avid book reader. I read almost every genre;

  • fantasy
  • epic fantasy (not a lot actually)
  • young adult
  • dystopia
  • science-fiction

I very rarely read contemporaries, not because I don’t like them but mostly because I prefer other genres. But that doesn’t mean that I do not read them 🙂

I read romance when they are most of the time one of the subgenres of a book. A pure romantic book? Not my cup of tea. Also, I cannot stand insta-love/insta-attraction, cheesy love triangles and everything ecchi, so it’ll be best not to ask me to review books which fall in that category because I’d hate to give them a not very flattering review.

I don’t read New Adult or erotica. I simply don’t like these genres so instead of giving bad ratings/reviews, I prefer not to read them.

If you want me to review your books, it’s totally okay!

I don’t have a kindle but I do have a kindle app so that’s okay.
I also read on my kobo app so the epub format really suits me too.
But it would amazing if you could send me an actual copy of your book if you ever want me to review it (paperback or hardcover, I like both :D)
(Also please take into consideration that I live in Mauritius if you want to send me your book) and taking pictures of it and blabbering about it on social media would be easier too 🙂

You can contact me on this email address concerning reviews and etc…

Have a good day! 😀

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