Rating Guide

I review not only books, but also anime and movies on this blog. I do make use of half stars. Also I don’t like talking about books I didn’t like or used a low rating for. I may talk about it only if I have a lot to say about what I didn’t like.


5 😻 – I absolutely loved this book! Everything was perfect: the plot, the writing style, the characters… Wholeheartedly recommended!

4 😻 – Amazing and beautiful! Another wonderful story that, even though I hadn’t found it perfect, I really liked it. Will recommend it!

3 😻 – Nice. Really enjoyed it, even if there were certain things which would have made my reading experience better missing out, it was nice. May recommend.

2 😻 – Hmmmm not my style or may not like something specific to the book (will talk about it in possible review) May not talk about the book on the blog but may review it on goodreads (the link is in the “about” section 😀 ). Little chance of recommending it.

1 😻 – NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. Won’t talk about it on the blog at all. May review it on goodreads. WON’T RECOMMEND AT ALL! *shudders*


I’m new at reviewing animes so I don’t really know how to describe my ratings :p Moreover, most of them have a .5 rating… ^^’

5 ⭐ – THE PERFECT ANIME! *o* of course it doesn’t exist, so the closer to perfection will be a 4.5 rating. But still, it means that I absolutely loved it and I will watch it all over again at any time!

4 ⭐ – Close to perfection but nevertheless amazing! An anime that I will watch again and again and will still enjoy 😀

3 ⭐ – Not bad. Really enjoyable but not my cup of tea. Nevertheless, will talk about it. 🙂

2 ⭐ – Bof bof. Will more likely not like, may not finish it, but will mention it.

1 ⭐ – probably unfinished. Will not talk about it.


I’m also new at reviewing movies (and I don’t even do it often) and most of the movie reviews here will probably be books-to-movies adaptations anyway so…

5 ❤ – HOLY MOTHER GOD OF MOVIES IS THAT YOU? lol. You may have understood that I really loved it 😉

4 ❤ – Nice movie. Will watch again and again.

3 ❤ – Nice here too but going to the theater to watch it was probably not necessary…

2 ❤ – an okay-movie. The plot could’ve been better but still watchable.


I hope these have helped you 💙


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